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It's the big dreams that come true.
Did you know that laboratory equipment, such as microscopes, were once a form of entertainment? The reason was the desire to see objects magnified and to discover a world of detail. Nowadays, we know that the microscope is one of the most important items of laboratory equipment for science, technology and medicine. We are familiar with another optical instrument, the refractometer, from the foodstuffs industry, where it is used for determining the maturity of wine or measuring the original gravity of beer, for example. Refractometers are also used to record the concentration of oil and water in machines used for metalworking, and to determine the concentration of acid in batteries or the freezing point of washing solution for anti-freeze. And speaking of dreams: both items of laboratory equipment – as we know them today – were invented by Ernst Abbe at the end of the 18th century. A man who came from a humble background and did more than just make his dream come true by inventing both these items of laboratory equipment.