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In busy offices and workspaces, office door signs are important, acting as key signposts for visitors and employees alike. As well as providing key directions, business door signs also help to keep areas organised in your office. Within our range, we have a wide variety to choose from, in different materials, including acrylic office signs and plaques.

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Office door signs to keep your company running smoothly

Sometimes it's the small details that have the greatest effect and keep company processes running. Without office door signs, employees and visitors would wander through the company without a destination in sight. Instead of taking to your heels and wasting time searching, choose the direct route to better orientation by using the right signage.

Important things to consider for your business door signs


Functionality is the number one thing to consider when buying signage for your company. In the same way a file is given a name, door plaques should ensure visitors have all the information necessary before opening the door. This doesn't just include the name of the person who occupies the office – the department, function and the room number are also important. Everything should have a logical structure.

Installing office door signs

Pay attention to an office numbering system in ascending order. This isn't just important in the corridor of the office building itself, but should also be reflected on information stands, signs and notice boards which guide the visitor to this corridor in the first place.

A guidance system, which ends with door signs for each and every office, should always be structured from the outside in, using colour codes and symbols that are as clear as possible: pictograms save a lot of words on the way to the WC. Specific colours for a specific company department also create a sense of orientation for those searching for it.

Office doors signs are just the beginning

As well as door signs, suitable name badges and tabletop stands should be used in any workspace to clearly identify functions at conferences and similar events. A large range of organisation systems and desk space savers will give you the overview you require in the office. Feel free to contact us today, we will be happy to help you with your selection.