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Clear, practical, and robust: Tool and supplies trolleys are practical assistants in the workshop and warehouse. You can easily hang tools and other work materials on the grid wall, keeping the most essential utensils readily accessible. Completing the range are board and panel trolleys, facilitating the convenient transportation of larger panels from point A to point B. Explore the variety available in the online shop.

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Tool trolleys: smart transport aids

Tool and supplies trolleys are practical aids for smooth operations in your workplace. Your employees can effortlessly hang the necessary tools and equipment, making it easy to transport them to the workplace. On the other hand, board and panel trolleys are ideal when dealing with unwieldy and bulky goods. The range is versatile, offering workpiece trolleys for lifting equipment, panel transport trolleys, and special models for long items.

What loads are tool trolleys used for?

Tool and supplies trolleys are versatile and suitable for transporting materials, large struts and pipes, lifting gear, or large tools. Different models are appropriate depending on your specific needs:

Board & panel trolleys: These are a suitable choice for transporting large-format material panels. They transport goods upright, preventing slippage and minimising contact between panels and the transport device.
Cantilever trolleys: Designed for transporting long items, they include support arms with roll-off protection to prevent items from falling during transport.
Lifting gear wardrobe: These wardrobes allow you to hang the necessary lifting gear in an organised and accessible manner. Employees can equip these special workpiece trolleys according to their needs and easily move them to the point of use using casters.
Tool mobiles: When storing tools neatly, tool mobiles are practical solutions. They are the mobile equivalent of permanently installed perforated walls at the workplace, allowing for individual customisation and easy mobility.
Hand carts: These balanced transport devices are commonly used in agriculture and are indispensable in construction. They are suitable for transporting various items, such as bales of wood wool.

What personalisation options do tool trolleys offer?

Most tool trolleys are adaptable to specific transport requirements. For example, easily installable and removable brackets can divide the loading area of panel transport trolleys according to the number of panels. Employees can customise support rows on cantilever trolleys with different spacing, with or without rubber coating, and various arm structures. Employees can also customise the perforated walls on a tool trolley with holders and container modules to meet their needs. Tool trolleys come in different load capacities and loading area sizes.

Safety considerations for using tool and supplies trolleys

For the safe transport of bulky or delicate items on board and panel trolleys:

Ensure that the trolley's size and design match the transported goods. Stay within the maximum load capacity of board and panel trolleys and similar equipment. Check the centre of gravity when loading panel transport trolleys. Use additional padding and protective devices for delicate items. Before using tool and supplies trolleys, ensure they are in working condition.

If you need guidance on selecting tool and supplies trolleys, or board and panel trolleys, please don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly service team is ready to assist you in assembling the right transport equipment for your business.

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