Ball transfer units

This is where the ball is used for transport: transported goods can be quickly rerouted or rotated using ball transfer units. Optimise your work processes and equip your conveyor technology system with ball units.

In the category Ball transfer units we offer you products of the following brands: Schulz Stanztechnik.

Ball transfer units – keeping the ball rolling, quite literally

kaiserkraft doesn't just allow you to optimise your business, but also ensures you stay in budget and save time. You don't need to overhaul your entire conveyor technology when things stop running smoothly at one point or another. Instead, rely on the efficient replacement of individual elements in order to adapt your ball unit tables, for example, to different transport requirements or to repair malfunctions. You only need our ball units and a few tips to make the optimum choice.

Why should I purchase individual ball units?

To ensure that ball unit tables can perform their task flawlessly, the individual balls don't just need to move smoothly in their sockets. The balls themselves must have a certain diameter and certain properties in order to optimally transfer their point load onto an item for transport.

The items for transport can quickly change in any company: where you are transporting robust packages or components over roller conveyors and ball transfer tables today, you might be primarily moving fragile products tomorrow. Where an assembly workplace might be first and foremost dimensioned for heavy components today, it might need to be more delicate and compact tomorrow.

However, instead of replacing your entire conveyor technology at once when the focus of your company's activities changes, you can also simply replace elements – in this case, the ball units – with suitable products from the range offered by kaiserkraft. Of course, this helps make smaller repairs a time-saving and budget-friendly undertaking.

Which ball units will I find at kaiserkraft?

When using belts and tables driven by gravity, the weight and dimensions of the items being transported are the decisive criteria when choosing the right product. In general, the following applies for ball units: divide the weight of the heaviest item for transport by three, and you'll get the maximum dynamic load capacity per ball.

Since other important prerequisites and requirements are added to a ball element, you have numerous selection and adjustment options for each product. Only when it comes the material do you need to know exactly what you need in advance: plastic balls are suitable for sensitive goods, steel is the material of choice for heavy, sturdy items.

We are happy to help you make your selection and advise you about the individual elements of our ball units and ball unit tables. One call will do it.

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