Mini lifters

What's small, strong and makes your back happy? That's right: our mini lifters. The compact powerhouses raise, lower and transport your goods quickly and efficiently – some of them at the touch of a button.

In the category Mini lifters we offer you products of the following brands: EUROKRAFTpro, QUIPO.

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Raise one many times a day – with no regrets at all: mini lifters

When you're raising and lowering heavy loads every day, it's not long before your back starts complaining. But there is an easier way: using the mobile lifting trolley from KAISER+KRAFT to help you, even complex holding and lifting movements no longer pose a risk to you.

Diversity paying off many times over: load lifters for all applications

They are powerful, manoeuvrable and won't tip over – these steel and aluminium assistants can transport loads from 65 kg to 400 kg right through all areas of trade and industry. The technical features of our compact powerhouses vary, depending on your requirements and the lifting capacity you need. They range from super light folding models with crank operation for all areas, to professional stainless steel multi lifters with convenient electric drive for the food and pharmaceutical industries.

The renowned manufacturers have thought of everything when it comes to making the lifting of loads ergonomically uncomplicated and safe: stability, easy operation, small space requirement when manoeuvring – and that's just the beginning. There's also: a low load centre for heavier loads, lower chassis suitable for travelling under Euro pallets, non-marking swivel castors with wheel stops. A low maintenance drive in the mast provides tireless lifting and lowering while standard removable platforms and optionally attachable forks widen the load range. Do you want to go higher? We can individually extend your mini lifter on request – to lift heights of up to 2600 mm, for example.

To your health: mini lifters raise efficiency as well

Using mini lifters is occupational safety in practice. Thanks to the lifting equipment from KAISER+KRAFT, injuries to the spine, due to excessive strain on the body when lifting, are a thing of the past. And this has many positive effects: a professional working environment with the best technical equipment possible increases the motivation of the workforce, while also keeping your staff healthy. And this boosts efficiency. What company benefits from unnecessary downtime?

A large family, and they're all as strong as an ox: lifting equipment

Humans are the measure: where muscle power is insufficient, technology must help. Lifting straps, cranes, cable hoists, stackers... in our online shop you will find lifting equipment for every requirement. Is our range of products so great that you need advice? No problem at all! Talk to us. We're here to help you.

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