Waste systems

Waste systems for company use: this product range is more important than it might seem at first, because after all, you can't make an omelette without breaking eggs. But that doesn't have to be a problem, because we have the waste bins and waste disposal solutions best suited to all types of rubbish.

Commercial Waste Disposal bins – everything you need when ''the muck needs raking''

There's sure to be someone who is currently working on developing a device that turns rubbish into nothing, into clean air or into potting mix. But it still might take some time until this invention reaches series maturity, and until it does, you'll need to turn your attention to the topic of waste in the workshop. After all, it's important to have your company premises make an ideal first impression, as well as to get your ecological footprint up to scratch.

You're certain to find suitable waste bins, waste sacks and rubbish bins amongst the products on offer. Because one way or another – the muck needs raking.

No-one needs to worry about a mess when you've got the right waste bin!

Cigarette butts in front of the main entrance or overflowing rubbish bins in the kitchenette don't exactly make a good impression. Treat your senses to a break and stop worrying – and this for the long term with just one easy rule of thumb for an expert waste management system: Everywhere that rubbish accumulates which shouldn't be there just doesn't have the right bin. Is it really that simple?

It might be the weatherproof ashtray outside the door or in the smokers' corner. The recyclable waste collector in the kitchenette or a rubbish bin in the stairwell. And your stock of suitable waste sacks won't ever go to waste. Any more questions? The purchasing guide for selecting the right waste sacks will ensure all your questions will receive an answer.

Mission: staying clean!

Here's a hot tip: the ashtrays and waste collector customer orientation guide will give you an easy to grasp overview of how to find the products we have which are perfectly suited to your company and the waste it produces.

By the way: at kaiserkraft, we're also waiting with bated breath for the development of the miracle waste annihilating machine. Until then, we'll continue to keep things clean. We've got the right product range for this mission on offer. Care to join us?