Hazardous goods storage cupboards, safety cabinets

Are you not completely sure you know which hazardous goods cupboard is the right one for you? Then give us a call: whether fire resistant or for water hazardous media, for gas cylinders, spray cans or paints – we'll be happy to advise you which COSHH cabinets best suits your requirements.

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Hazardous goods storage cupboards – store hazardous materials in accordance with regulations

Open the cupboard, close the cupboard and hazardous substances are exactly where they belong. Whether flammable, water hazardous or poisonous, you can get hazardous goods storage cupboards from us for everything that must not be put on a normal shelf.

Why are hazardous goods storage cupboards important?

In many cases, hazardous goods storage cupboards or safety cabinets are required by law. Above all, they ensure that hazardous goods pose no danger to people or the environment – not only in everyday working life, but also in exceptional situations, such as fires. Two decisive reasons to buy the right cabinet.

What types of hazardous goods storage cupboards can you obtain from us?

There are a few things all hazardous goods storage cupboards have in common. This includes the fact that they are made of particularly robust material, such as steel, fine steel sheet or coated panels. In addition, all our hazardous goods storage cupboards are lockable. Only authorised persons have access to the content.

Apart from that, you can get different types of safety cupboards from kaiserkraft:

  • Environmental cupboards for water hazardous substances

  • Drum and gas cylinder cupboards

  • Chemical storage cupboards

  • Fireproof cupboards for flammable materials

How do you find the right cupboard for your hazardous goods?

The properties of the hazardous goods you want to store in the cupboard are decisive for the selection of the right cupboard. Whether they are toxic, water hazardous or flammable can be seen at a glance on the respective hazardous substance symbol. Our hazardous goods storage cupboards are marked with the same symbols. So you know immediately what goes together.

What other properties are important?

Like other cupboards, you can get safety cabinets in various formats, high or low, small or large, as a wall mounted cupboard, table top cupboard or base cupboard. Many cupboards for the laboratory or workshop have an integrated exhaust air connection. If you don't have any ventilation nearby, it also functions without it. Because you will find air recirculation filter attachments especially for this purpose in our shop.

The important equipment features of hazardous goods storage cupboards also include base sump trays, tray shelves and lock systems. Cupboards for flammable substances have doors that close automatically as soon as a certain temperature in the room is exceeded. And they can withstand the fire for at least 30 or 90 minutes, depending on the cupboard.

What must be observed when setting up a cupboard and putting goods in it?

Safety is crucial for the storage of hazardous goods. This also applies to the choice of installation location. Make sure that you do not endanger people or the environment. Would you like to place more than one cupboard with flammable materials in one room? Then they must exhibit a resistance of 90 minutes.

Of course, only the goods that the cupboard is suitable for are allowed in the cupboard. And be careful: alkaline solutions and acids must not be stored together in the same cupboard – unless you choose one of our combination cupboards with separate storage.

Do you have any questions? Further information can be found in our purchasing guides to the storage of water hazardous and flammable liquids. Or you can simply ask us personally.

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