Drum handling

Lifting, turning or transporting: when you have drum trucks or similar equipment, you can move drums safely and professionally. Discover numerous products for safe drum handling at kaiserkraft – from simple drum grips to practical drum dollies and drum trucks for high max. loads.

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Drum handling – safe transport and filling

They look harmless, but there's more to them than meets the eye. When handling drums containing hazardous substances, you need goods instincts – and the right accessories, especially if you need to move the drum from A to B. While we'd rather the drum handling with good instincts up to you, you can purchase the accessories you need from us.

Everything for safe transport

The simplest transport option is a drum dolly with or without handle. Drum trucks ensure you remain manoeuvrable even when transporting heavy drums. Or you could use a drum transporter. They allow you to transport one or even two drums at the same time. If, for any reason, liquid is spilled en route during drum handling, the integrated sump tray ensures that no damage is caused.

If you're going to drive, then why not use a stacker or crane? Easily done when using our drum tongs, drum clamps and drum grips. Drum tippers do exactly what their name says, and are available as stationary and mobile versions. This ensures your employees have everything under control even when refilling and emptying heavy drums. This becomes even more convenient when you use pumps and oil pumps from our shop.

Gas cylinder trolleys with securing mechanism

What is suitable for a drum does not necessary suit a gas cylinder. On the other hand, our gas cylinder trolleys certainly are designed for gas cylinders. Thanks to the cylinder securing mechanism, the load remains firmly in place even when negotiating tight corners.

In addition to drum handling, you will also find that kaiserkraft has many other items of transport equipment and trolleys for different types of loads, tanks, bins and drums for safe storage and everything else you need for handling hazardous goods. We are happy to advise you!

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