Pressure seal bags

Whether order picking different materials, presenting product samples or mailing your products: reusable pressure seal bags for your personal needs!

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Pressure seal bags: versatile, stable and good, honest packaging

Pressure seal bags are the ideal way to keep things organised, to hold dirt at bay, and to help keep everything you want to send on its way properly sorted – as well as clean and safe, regardless of whether in a cardboard box or your luggage. Thanks to the pressure seal strip, the poly bags are easy to close. This allows you to package small items and spare parts, textiles and food in the bags for storage, order picking or warehousing safely and quickly. With a thickness of up to 100 µm, the bags are also suitable for use with pointed and heavy products. The bags are available as stand up pouches and in transparent, opaque or antistatic models.

Which zip bags are available and what are they used for?

Resealable bags have all sorts of functions in everyday life and in business. They are ideal for order picking and sorting small parts or for packaging cosmetics and other liquids for air travel. All you need to do is select one of our many different models of pressure seal bags from the range:

  • Classic with and without a labelling field in various formats, thicknesses and materials

  • Sustainable made from recycled plastic or BIO-LDPE as an environmentally friendly alternative to the classics

  • VCI pressure-sealed bags for dust and moisture resistant storage, and above all no rusting

  • Zip-lock bags with Euro perforation as a hanger and for product presentation

  • Film bags with extremely reliable multiple zip closure

  • With air hole for packaging larger containers or products in a space saving way

  • Black bags for protection from light and privacy

  • Food safe with stand up base to make filling flavoured or ground products easy

  • ESD pressure seal bags for mailing and storing electronic components

  • Slider storage bags with a particularly convenient and secure seal – ideal for hand luggage

Which pressure seal bags are available for purchase?

Order one bag for everything, or for different sizes and material thicknesses? That’s primarily a question of industry and product range.

  • If you mainly send or sell screws, nuts and smaller accessories in cardboard boxes and parcels, small zip bags in a universal size are perfectly adequate. Make sure that pointed screws, for example, cannot pierce the film.

  • In the food industry, for example, you’ll often need a larger choice of sizes and bag shapes. Aromatic products should be placed in bags with as little air as possible to stop molecules escaping as quickly. Depending on the product volume and fill quantity, calculating for several food safe bag sizes is recommended. Only use bags that have been labelled ''food compliant''.

  • For goods with special requirements of moisture protection or antistatic properties, only the corresponding, specific types should be used, and the film should be checked for an optimum condition before packaging. Only then, for example, can a VCI zip bag protect the goods placed in it from rust.

If the subject of packaging plays an everyday role in your company, our tips and trends on the topic of packaging are just the right reading material for you. If you have any questions about the range or products available, please feel free to contact us at any time.