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Waste boxes, waste baskets and hygienic rubbish bins for the company washroom are items of basic company equipment. We can provide you with everything you need for your washroom, from single collectors with large openings, to mesh waste paper bins, hygiene boxes and push lid bins.

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Hygiene bins: waste boxes and collection containers for a clean washroom

You wouldn’t need a hygienic bin in the washroom just for a few paper towels, however these bins are indispensable for daily operations and any other situation that may arise. After all, a clean company does not begin and end in the sanitary facilities or washroom. Depending on your preferences, you will find a wide variety of waste collectors for the sanitary area, be they cosmetic bins with swing lids, or freestanding or wall mounted waste boxes.

What distinguishes hygienic bins for washroom equipment?

There are any number of challenges awaiting you in the washroom when it comes to ensuring a hygienic and clean company. Not only do paper towels from towel dispensers have to be disposed of professionally – nappies, feminine hygiene articles or other personal care products must also be disposed of cleanly, safely and without creating odours. This is why you should place your trust in special waste collectors that have been optimally designed to perform the respective task.

  • Large mesh waste baskets collect paper towels and ensure the growing pile of paper is well ventilated. This prevents germs from multiplying due to moisture. The lightweight baskets are particularly easy to empty.

  • No-contact hygienic containers and similar hygienic bins allow used hygiene items to be disposed of without the user having to see, smell or accidentally touch the contents of the bin. This also means that there is no contact with the surface of the bin, which also prevents the spread of germs.

  • Special nappy collectors for baby changing stations have a similar function, but have a larger capacity and are even more reliable in terms of containing odours.

  • Waste collectors with pedals with a hood and inner container also allow no-contact disposal, and are suitable for less frequented toilets. One bin per stall should be provided. Wall mounted versions save floor space.

  • Large waste collectors with and without a hood are not only suitable for the washroom, but can also be used as waste collectors throughout the company.

What do I need to observe for hygienic bins as washroom equipment?

It’s better to have one too many bins than one too few: even if both nappies and paper towels are disposed of with residual waste, they should not be left in the same container in the washroom until collection – if only because of the smell. That’s why you have suitable bins in place for each type of waste typically encountered.

Cosmetic bins or foot pedal bins are mandatory in every stall, not just in the ladies’, but also the gents’ toilets. Otherwise, you are going to need pipe cleaning tools more frequently.

Even if the rules of hygiene in the washroom really are self-evident, precise labels and signs indicating which waste is disposed of in which container are a safer choice. Once again, it’s better to have one sign too many than one too few.

There’s a whole lot more we can tell you. Take a look, for example, in our guides to hygiene in the office, on cleanliness and tidiness at the workplace and to key hygiene measures in companies. If you also have more to say (or ask), feel free to contact us.