Litter pickers & litter spikes

Take up the fight against rubbish with litter pickers and litter spikes. Using gripping tongs and litter spikes promises to put an end to bending down, to touching and to unpleasant smells directly under your nose.

In the category Litter pickers & litter spikes we offer you products of the following brands: FLORA, Unger.

Litter picking equipment for ergonomic and hygienic waste collection

Small tools, big effect: our litter pickers and litter spikes are true multi-talents for cleaning your outdoor areas.

Not only do they contribute to ensuring your outdoor areas make a good impression, they also ensure that collecting waste remains hygienic, ergonomic and injury-free – and this with minimal effort.

Tidy lawns thanks to litter spikes and litter pickers

Cigarette butts flicked away, bits of left-over food, used tissues – you'd probably prefer to keep your distance. When you use a litter picker, then the rubbish is in the bin bag at lightning speed, without requiring you get too close or risk proper posture.

You'll find practical aids in different lengths for waste collection without bending over at kaiserkraft. Which leaves the question: spike or grabber? A litter spike is suitable for softer surfaces, such as lawns. Litter grabbers are also suitable for smooth surfaces and hard objects such as bottles. When they're fitted out with both, then your employees are equipped for any challenge.

You can purchase all your equipment for mobile cleaning assignments at kaiserkraft

Having the right equipment is decisive when it comes to clean outdoor areas and making a good first impression. At kaiserkraft, you can get everything you need for mobile waste management, including the right waste bin. Waste caddiess will put an end to hauling waste sacks around.

And to ensure you can dispose of everything you collected, you'll also find wheelie bins, rubbish bins and recyclable waste collectors in many different shapes & sizes in our shop.

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