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Flexible, robust, safe: stretch films provide a secure hold for goods being sent on pallets. They also allow pipes, boards etc. to be bundled in a clever way. From manual stretch films to rolls of packaging film and wrapping films: kaiserkraft has stretch films indifferent models in stock – discover them now!

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Stretch film: that little bit of flexibility for the transport logistics of today

Just a few simple steps and high quality stretch film is all you need to ensure the safe transport of goods on pallets, and save yourself the trouble of taking extra precautions when it comes to logistics. This allows you to reduce the work involved in packaging along with material costs, and to deliver goods to your customers in top condition.

What is stretch film usually used for?

If you consider the products from the perspective of usage, stretch film is the opposite of shrink film and the industrial equivalent of cling film. Stretch film is wrapped around palletised goods so it is tense, with the resulting pressure not only stabilising the goods on the base of the pallet, but also keeping all the goods on the pallet firmly in place.

This makes the entire load more stable and steady with just a few work steps, while also ensuring transport is safer and the goods arrive undamaged at the customer’s premises.

This type of film wrapping is particularly suitable for routine goods stacked in cardboard boxes of the same shape on pallets. Stretch film not only provides additional protection against dust and dirt, but also allows an exchange of air between the goods and the environment, and regulates the temperature. This is important for foodstuffs, for example. Opaque or coloured stretch films also provide protection from opportunistic thieves and make it easier to sort large quantities of goods clearly.

Shrink films, however, have the advantage of providing very good protection against the weather and can also bundle up irregular goods in a tight package. However, they require packaging accessories.

Cling film as ''stretch film light'' is a household product, or tends to be used for the smallest containers directly in the kitchen. In terms of stretchability and stability, the industrial version has the most to offer when it comes to securing transport.

Do you have to pay attention to anything when using stretch film?

To ensure that stretch film can be used to secure pallets, and that as little of it is used as possible, you should train your employees in use of this packaging material. On the one hand, this means showing them the correct wrapping technique, while on the other hand, they need to know which film is suitable for which application and what the difference between different stretching properties is.

We have compiled all this information for you in our Purchasing guide to stretch film: The seven critical factors. We will be happy to provide you with further information and advice about the range of products personally. Send us an email or give us a call.

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