Communicating key production figures visually: display units

The weight is not a gram over, the actual values for the furnace match the target values and you are justifiably proud that your production line has been accident-free for 18 months. Everyone needs to know what is really important – just as well that the electronic display units from KAISER+KRAFT provide your staff with up-to-the-second information. And the data communicated is clear: ultra bright LED displays show easily readable key production figures or information text – up to 40 metres away, depending on the model and area of use. Text information displays welcome your visitors with a customised text, provide your staff or visitors with general information or you can see immediately what order is currently being loaded at which loading gate. Manage and coordinate your deliveries quickly and effectively using the lorry displays. But is it actually worth investing in these high quality devices? The answer is obvious: transparent performance levels motivate the workforce, visually documented sequences enable process disruptions to be quickly rectified. The benefit to you: high efficiency levels and consistent production quality.

Communication, organisation, structure: quality for industry

As a company, you of course pay attention to quality. That's why our display units fulfil the highest technical standards: double walled sheet steel housing with powder coating, ultra bright LEDs, temperature sensors, time synchronisation, USB or Ethernet interface, PC software for text programming plus many more features. But despite all our efforts to attain perfection, our display units are, of course, just one highlight of our range for workshop and industry. And visual communication functions in many areas without microelectronic achievements. How do you actually keep track of all your stock on site? How do you structure your inventory of tools, components and materials? You can ensure clarity with the versatile products for labelling and stickers in our online shop: instructions, product descriptions, warning signs, information signs, for adhesion, pinning or magnetically – your workforce will soon know where it's going. Even if there's a power cut. And how are things looking planning-wise? Projects, resources, schedules, rooms – there's nothing like the good old planning board. We've got them too. With all the accessories. Do have any more questions? Then talk to us. We look forward to hearing from you personally.

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