Entrance matting

High five for our entrance matting! Front door mats absorb moisture and dirt, they look good, protect our floors, are robust and upon request, they are, for example, UV resistant or anti-slip as well. Whether for indoors or outdoors, you're guarantee to find the right model here.

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Cleanliness by the metre – or by the item: Front door mats

As is so often the case, it is the supposedly coarse things that make the subtle difference. The high utility value of our front door mats results from its differentiated composition of material, design and processing. And because we make no compromises when it comes to cleanliness, at KAISER+KRAFT we rely on a range of highly qualified specialists. So let's go into the details.

Protection from dirt for outside and inside: Runners and mats of all kinds

Not only when the elements outside are raging do staff, but customers or guests bring dirt and moisture into your premises. Whether for outdoor facilities, entrance areas, foyers or indoor traffic areas: entrance matting protects your floors from damage caused by dirt and moisture. And they increase the safety of people on the move within the company with non-slip surfaces.

It's the material properties that make the difference – and the know-how in the weave and production. Let's immerse ourselves in the haute couture of shoe cleaning mats: grooved interior mats made of antistatic polypropylene fibres or needle felt mats with brush function through herringbone patterns. For gourmets: absorbent textile surface made of Decalon® fibre pressed onto an almost indestructible rubber backing made of butadiene rubber (SBR)... What reads like pure product poetry is the precise formulation for the accurately positioned entrance matting in the intended area of use.

Front door mats from KAISER+KRAFT for indoor and outdoor use

Depending on whether it's against mud, sludge, wet or dust, our online shop offers the right entrance mats. Perfect for outdoor areas in snow or heavy rain? We recommend ring rubber mats made of non-slip rubber. Have you got mat frames recessed in the entrance area? The classic coconut mat with its robust natural fibres would be the ideal shoe wiper. Do a lot of people come into your business? Olefin runners are extremely durable and easy to clean. This is what quality looks like that is hard to beat: slip-resistant, moisture-absorbing, hard-wearing, UV-resistant and resistant to all weather conditions. Certain versions are even washable up to 60° and dryer-resistant. Completely on the floor and yet on top – entrance mats are simply a godsend. Not only in the company, school or authority but everywhere. We also offer special wet room matting for hygienic conditions in barefoot areas.

Despite all precautions, dirt cannot be completely avoided and cleanliness is an ornament. Therefore we also offer many items from the product range cleaning and sanitary requirements. Looking for something special? Let us know. We will be glad to help you.

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