Foam impact protection

Whacks, blows, jostling... sometimes activities in production and storage are like a real fight. Better to prevent this from happening with our edge protection profiles and Knuffi guards! Find your new surface, corner, edge or pipe protection products now.

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Foam edge protection profiles – indispensable in warehouse, workshop and in production

A corner here, an edge there, a ledge around the corner and an obstacle up in front... if you look closely, there are potential sources of danger everywhere in most workshops, warehouses and the like, and which can have extremely unpleasant consequences for man and machine if things go wrong.

But fortunately, from now on, you no longer need to worry about this, because our edge protection profiles offer you dependable solutions that will prevent injuries and impact damage. Find out now how to find the right clamp profile or edge protection strip, and what you need to consider when making your choice.

Foam strips, impact protection, clip-on profiles – how do you know what's what?

You have probably already noticed that there is a sheer endless number of designations for edge protection profiles, be it foam strips, PVC clamp profiles or rubber edge protection. Therefore, always check carefully whether the respective product really is suitable for your intended use.

Criteria that you should pay attention to are, for example, the material used, the dimensions, the type of fastening and, of course, the profile of the edge protection. If you have any doubts, the profile in particular will clearly indicate the area for which the product provides protection. The following paragraphs tell you more about this!

Where are edge protection profiles used?

As previously mentioned, sharp edges on steel, wood and plastic can be found in a wide variety of spots in everyday workplaces. Our edge protection profiles are therefore an important part of our range of markings and barriers, because virtually every company needs them for all intents and purposes, whether in metal and sheet metal processing or in vehicle and machinery manufacturing.

Edge protection profiles are used along transport routes within a company, on shelf units or vehicles, or on passageways, doors and walls both inside and outside. They are often also used to protect cables, pipes or wires from tearing and other damage, and thanks to their flexibility and different properties, they can be used to protect even the most difficult to access corners and trickiest spots to reach.

How do you fasten an edge protection profile in place?

You can choose between different fastening methods for your edge protection in our shop – self-adhesive, with a mounting rail, clip-on or magnetic. Many edge protection profiles have a metal clamping strip or a steel spring wire in the rubber strip, which enable installation by hand by simply pressing them into place. At the same time, the seal adapts to the surface perfectly and thereby provides a perfect grip. So you see – it's actually really simple!

What materials are used for edge protection?

In most cases, edge protection profiles consist of different plastics, e.g. PVC. This makes our weather strips and clamp profiles extremely sturdy and suitable for a wide range of usage temperatures. They are also particularly resistant to weathering, light and ageing.

What are the different types of edge protection and which one is the best for me?

In addition to different colours and clamping areas, the cross-sections of our edge protection profiles also differ. From curved profiles to three-quarter circles or semicircles, and from L-shaped to circular, rectangular or trapezoidal ones, we have numerous different models in our product range, which you can use for almost any area of application at your company. And if you are not sure which edge protection profile is the right one for you, just contact us! We will be happy to help you at any time.

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