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Put it on the packing table, ready, go: cardboard box on top. Fold it down. Tape it shut. Turn it over. Put the bubble wrap in. Another layer of foil. Don't forget the delivery documents. Fold, tape, apply the address label. Package on the truck. Finished. And start all over... our packing tables make it all so easy.

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Packing tables – practical and ergonomic

Good furnishings bring out the best in your employees. Our packing tables are a great example of this. They are easy on the nerves and on the back. In addition, they ensure that work proceeds quickly and fewer mistakes are made. We’d like to tell you a bit more about these tables.

This is how packing tables are configured

A packing table or shipping table is, first of all, a table. Only the accessories that you can secure to the table, or that we have already secured to it, turn it into a packing table.


  • Your employees will find everything they need for packing and shipping right away.

  • They can work more quickly and more effectively, especially when larger jobs need doing, and make fewer mistakes.

  • Manual height adjustment ensures ergonomic work, and helps prevents back pain.

Packing tables from kaiserkraft even save space, because you can keep packaging materials and other items organised in one place.

How and where to use packing tables

First and foremost, packing tables are used for packing, which is why they are particularly well suited to companies at which goods regularly need packing, or that even have their own shipping department. At the same time, our packing tables can be easily combined to form a larger unit. This allows you to turn a single table into a packing line in no time at all, at which several people can work. This is perfectly complemented by practical packaging machines.

You don’t have anything to pack at the moment? Then you can use packing tables for order picking or for other activities that require all sorts of accessories.

What should you look for in packing tables?

There’s two key questions you’ll need to answer when deciding on packing tables: how much space do I need? Which accessories or add-ons will be needed?

You will find that we have packing tables with different dimensions, and this as a standard element or with add-ons such as a shelf and drawer. In addition, by using the right accessories, you can perfectly match your table to your needs and the place of use. Matching shelving systems round off the furnishings for your shipping department.

Which accessories are particularly important?

Shelves for packaging, tools and office materials are the key to perfect organisation. Packaging storage shelves can be used to store different types of cardboard in a well organised way with the help of dividers. Perforated back panels are suitable for hanging up tools such as tape dispensers to keep them within easy reach. Drawers and roller containers are suitable for storage under the tabletop.

A height adjustment mechanism is also essential. After all, a back that isn’t tense and stays healthy is an important prerequisite for keeping employees motivated.

This is what kaiserkraft also has for you

  • Packing table lamps

  • Trailing sockets

  • Dividers

  • Cutting stands in different models and sizes for paper and film

  • Can and bottle holders

Are you looking for a way to integrate electronic devices into the packing table? No problem. We have PC holders, keyboard shelves and swivel arms specifically for this purpose. Feel free to contact us!

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