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Load hooks allow you to upgrade your stacker and turn it into a crane – make the most of the power of load hooks for your lifting technology as well. How does it function? Just attach a load hook to your stacker along with a suitable lifting sling, such as a chain on a hook.

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    Crane hooks for stackers & fork lfts: keeping you flexible

    You'd like to use a stacker to pick up a drum that hasn't been placed on a pallet? It won't work? It will indeed work – if you use a load hook and the right lifting slings to conveniently pick up objects from above. This will make both the pallet and a crane unnecessary.

    This is how load hooks are used

    Load hooks are inserted onto the fork tips of the stacker. After completing the work, they are simply taken off again. If the load is light, then one hook for one fork tip will suffice, however you're best using one that is attached to both tips when lifting objects that weigh a little more.

    This is what makes load hooks so useful

    When no hooks are used, then loads that can't be picked up from the bottom need to be placed on a pallet or in a mesh pallet in order to transport them using the stacker. The step becomes unnecessary when using a load hook and lifting slings. And load hooks are much less expensive than a crane as well. They are also space saving – a perfect solution when only used on occasion. The right lifting slings can be purchased from kaiserkraft: lifting straps, round slings and lifting chains in many different versions.

    When a load arm is the optimum solution

    Load hooks are not only available as a single item, but also as a component of a crane arm. This allows you to extend the fork tips of your stacker to the front. The principle remains the same – just insert them and you're done. This is all it takes for stacker drivers to be able to transport larger containers or pick up loads from the second row.

    Observe the load bearing capacity and dimensions of load hooks and load arms

    Whether a load hook or a load arm is suitable for your stacker is indicated by the dimensions. Adjustable fork tips will ensure you remain flexible. In any case, the load bearing capacity is important. If it is too low, then there is a risk of the stacker tipping over. Incidentally, the same applies when manoeuvring carelessly and taking curves too sharply. After all, the hook and load change the load centre and driving characteristics of a stacker. Those who take things slowly have a clear advantage.

    Would you like to know more about how load hooks and load arms can be used? Just ask us. We're also happy to advise you on selecting hoists, or in the event that you decide to purchase a crane.

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