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Pallet collars and frames offer an ideal storage, packing, and shipping solution, helping to keep products protected and secure. Wooden pallets don’t need to be assembled and can be stacked, adding flexibility where you need it. Within our range, we also have pallet accessories, including partition dividers, securing pins, and film cover sheets.

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Pallet collars: clever packaging systems

Pallet frames are indispensable for transporting equipment and warehouse storage containers. With the right lifting equipment, you can transport heavy, large or unwieldy goods on wooden and plastic pallets.

Pallet collars play a pivotal role in securing and transporting goods, with frames that offer stability as well as protection against damage and loss. When using pallet frames for shipping, packaged goods are stabilised and won’t roll or fall onto the floor.

The benefits of pallet collars

If you’re wondering what benefits pallet frames have to offer for your business, there are many.

Space-saving in the warehouse

With hundreds of products and pallets, warehouses can struggle for all-important storage space. Introducing pallet collars, however, has the potential to save over 80% of your warehouse space when used correctly. With a collapsing function, pallet frames are incredibly easy to store away when not in use.

Easy to assemble

Pallet collars provide fast and easy handling, with simple assembly for your convenience. They slot on top of the pallet and can be stacked, adding flexibility and height, without hassle.

Versatile and reusable

It’s time to take advantage of the versatility of pallet frames. There are a wide range of pallet accessories available, including lockable lids, which are designed to provide a closed and safe transport unit. Pallet collar dividers can also be introduced to store small parts or goods in varying sizes.

Our range of pallet accessories

Spacers and dividers

Stacking pallets makes access to goods more difficult. Spacers are the solution, allowing unproblematic access to the stored goods.

6-hinged pallet collars

This type of pallet frame requires less space when they need to be stored, as they can be easily folded.

Plastic corner protectors

Plastic corners protect the transported and stored goods from damage. Especially when pallets are moved on several levels, as the risk of falling is greatly increased here.

Labels and label holders

Organise your pallets with labels and label holders. At a glance, you’ll be able to see where transport and storage goods are located for easy and quick access.

The different types of pallet collars and their advantages

Here, you’ll find pallet collars in a wide range of materials: ABS plastic, aluminium, wood, softwood, PE recyclate, steel mesh and steel pipe.

Plastic pallet frames are lightweight, resulting in lower shipping costs, weatherproof, and don’t splinter.

Aluminium pallet collars are waterproof, food-safe, odourless and tasteless, and have low dead weight.

Wooden pallets are very robust, durable, and inexpensive.

Steel pallet frames are also robust and durable, however, can be affected by wet weather.

If you’d like to learn more about our range of pallet collars for your business, then get in touch with our customer service team.