Don't put the decision off any longer! Purchasing a new workbench will help you set up your workshop intelligently and get it tidied up. Workbenches also provide a robust basis for a variety of handicrafts. An elementary work tool that you won't want to do without.

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Workbenches – robust, practical, versatile

One person's desk is another person's workbench: the nexus of your everyday working life and therefore an object that you don't make any compromises on. You don't have to either. After all, kaiserkraft has workbenches for different needs – from small to large and from minimalist to fully configured.

What all good workbenches have in common... the basic frame. This consists of a robust tabletop and four legs. There are jobs for which this basic version is perfectly adequate – for example, if you use the workbench as a packing table or for tasks that require very few accessories. While folding tables can't withstand loads quite as high, you can put them in the corner after work.

Other available options

The key word is ''storage space''. You see, activities performed at workbenches often require tools, small items and spare parts. To ensure that your employees have everything they need at hand, many workbenches come with shelves, drawers and cupboards. These range from a single drawer to 12 drawers or, on group workbenches, up to 30 drawers. Another key word has become increasingly important in recent years: ergonomics. Because of this, and because a healthy back is essential for productive work, we not only offer adjustable desks, but also adjustable workbenches. This is especially important when several people of different sizes work at one and the same workbench. Wouldn't you like your employees to be mobile at work? A good reason to buy a workbench with castors.

More tips when making your choice

The material is also important, especially the tabletop. Solid beech is popular. No wonder, after all, because tabletops like this are robust, durable and easy to clean. If the workbench is in frequent contact with liquids, we recommend a universal or sheet steel cover. For hygienic areas such as cold storage rooms, we have tables in our product range made entirely of stainless steel. Flexibility is also guaranteed when it comes to size. Whether for one, two or six people, we have the right size.

Accessories for workbenches

If you're someone who particularly appreciates a tidy workplace, you should definitely take a look at our accessories for drawers. Practical dividers and small parts cabinets ensure good organisation. The same applies to perforated panel systems and open fronted storage bins. The right workplace lighting, on the other hand, is of enormous value, especially for tricky jobs. Do you need additional storage space? Discover our large selection of cupboards. Any more questions? We will be happy to answer them in person.

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