Hose reels, cable reels

Say goodbye to tripping hazards. Au revoir to cable spaghetti. Farewell to tangled wires. A hose and cable reel will wind things up just right. For more safety when working on building sites, in workshops or garages. Just unroll the required amount of hose or cable and wind it up again after use. Everything will be nice and tidy again.

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Hose reels and cable reels – professional organisation

Hobby gardeners, musicians and industry workers alike face one and the same danger: cables and hoses that are carelessly left lying around. Fortunately, there is a solution that can protect all those who need to bridge longer distances when hooking up an electricity, water, air or oil supply, and don't feel like spending time coiling them up afterwards.

At kaiserkraft, you will find professional hose and cable reels specifically for construction sites, workshops or garages. This makes keeping things organised so easy that nothing is left lying around.

Rolling without cranking

Tripping hazards can also be eliminated by using a good old reel. One drawback: the cranking. Automatic hose and cable reels save you manual work. One quick pull is all it takes for the hose or cable to retract itself, and this really quickly. To prevent the reel from becoming a tripping hazard, most of our models are also suitable for wall mounting.

Models for different requirements

Cable or hose is just the first question when looking for the right reel. The following also play an important role:

  • What do you need to supply: electricity, oil, water, air or steam?

  • Which dimensions are required? Our reels are available with cables and hoses in different lengths and with different nominal diameters.

  • Where should the hose reel or cable reel be placed, on the floor or on the wall?

  • In which environment do you use hose reels or cable reels? kaiserkraft has reels with a housing made of hygienic stainless steel, as well as ones made of impact resistant plastic for outdoor use. Swivelling hose guides, duplex brake and an oil resistant duct are other interesting features.

This only leaves the question of what else you need – accessories for hazardous goods handling, for example drum handling, or pumps or PC furniture? Take a look at our large range of products for the warehouse, factory and office now. We will be happy to advise you on the best choice for you.

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