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Hose reels, cable reels

Say goodbye to tripping hazards. Au revoir to cable spaghetti. Farewell to tangled wires. A hose and cable reel will wind things up just right. For more safety when working on building sites, in workshops or garages. Just unroll the required amount of hose or cable and wind it up again after use. Everything will be nice and tidy again.

In the category Hose reels, cable reels we offer you products of the following brands: QUIPO, HAZET.

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Hose and cable reels
Hose and cable reels ensure a tidy appearance is maintained everywhere in the company, while also ensuring production can proceed without annoying tripping hazards. The more hectic our work days become, the more important a well thought out solution for storing cables and hoses is. Professional hose and cable reels have proven to be extraordinarily practical in this case. They can be attached in different ways, can be used in different areas, feature different designs, but are always made of the best materials to ensure long lasting use even in demanding production periods. Hose reels and cable holders make an effective contribution to uninterrupted production processes and accident-free ways around work. To select the hose and cable reel that best suits your needs, attention must be paid to choosing the right nominal widths, connections and resilience levels, while also considering the insulation and resistance to local chemical exposure.

Reels for industrial use – safety has priority
We have suitable reels for cables and hoses for every area of industrial use. Whether for air or water, different nominal widths and connection sizes, and different compression loads, supplemented by oil resistant rubber sheathed cables: our optimised product range has a broad selection of products for use in modern production facilities. Important key words in this context are fully insulated, maintenance free or protected against splash water. All models, whether mobile or for fixed insulation, have been produced in accordance with the latest requirements for industrial loads. Make your choice of a suitable hose and cable reel for your specific area of use by taking a look at the products offered by KAISER+KRAFT and help ensure organisation and safety in your workshop.