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It’s either tightly secured, or it’s no use. The more precisely you tighten the bolt, the more secure the connection. You can always find the right amount of force and the right number of revolutions when you have a professional torque wrench.

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Ratchets and torque wrenches: got a screw loose? There’s an easy fix!

In an emergency, everything depends on how well a bolt is fitted. This not only applies to the wheels of a car, but also to the cylinder head and other important components. A torque wrench is not only the best tool to have around in the automotive trade.

What characterises a mechanical torque wrench?

A screw or the bolted connection is usually the neuralgic point on machines and vehicles. Complex power relations are at work here, and they are particularly important when there’s motion or thermal stresses.

If screws, nuts or bolts are not fitted to each other with an exact balance of force ratio, the connection can loosen or break when things get real. The torque wrench helps you to find this exact balance of force.

Nuts and bolts, as EN standard parts, feature a torque (in Nm) that allows the balance of force to be calculated precisely. The special wrench either indicates the optimum tightening point or ''locks'' when it reaches this point – this is when the user will hear it click.

This means that securely bolted connections don’t depend on estimates or empirical values. They become a practical science that even laymen can put into practice with the appropriate hand tools.

The only downside to this method of operation is that you need to treat your ratchet carefully and store it safely so that it will maintain its precision.

At what Nm value should the torque wrench be stored?

The central ''measuring task'' of a torque wrench is based on the tension of a spring. You should allow it to relax at the end of the working day. Turn the wrench to the lowest Nm value. Store the tool in a securely closed case and keep it safe from impacts – preferably in a box.

Am I allowed to undo bolts with a torque wrench?

This question always ignites heated discussions. The safest statement is: as a tightening tool with a high precision job to do, you should not use the ratchet and torque wrench to undo screws. You’ll find numerous high-quality spanners in our shop that can do this job for you.

If you notice that a bolt has become too tight when tightening it, undo the entire connection and start over again. This will ensure that you reach the exact value.

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