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All you need to take is some marking paint or marking spray and a marking trolley, and you can start making your mark: a lap around the football field, a jaunt through the warehouse or a circuit of the construction site. Important things are made easy and convenient to mark. You can find floor paint, manual marking equipment and entire floor marking sets here.

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Marking paint and marking spray – the art of safety

You don't have to be a second Picasso or Van Gogh to use paint to make a lasting impression – at least when it comes to operational safety and orientation in your company. For that, you only need a few carefully placed lines to provide safe and clear guidance for people, machinery and transport equipment – which can, for example, be done using line marking sprays from kaiserkraft. We are happy to reveal what is most important when doing so.

Which marking paint or marking sprays are suitable for where?

Mankind has learned to react to certain colours in a certain way. And this is exactly what you'll be making use of in your company. Coloured lines are not only a long-term solution for factory floors or outdoor areas, but also save plenty of space and reduce the need for information signs, signposts or barriers.

Every red line and a corresponding shaded area only send one signal to the person who sees them: slow down and stop, only up to here and no further! Yellow line marking paint has, for example, proved its worth in the warehouse, because it features a high contrast effect and arouses attention. This is why yellow lines are the best choice for the borders of footpaths and driveways, shelf unit and machinery positions or marking off different sectors.

White is a nuance in road traffic, which is why it is used particularly often in outdoor areas – or when marking out factory workshops or visitors' areas. And if you wish to distinguish other zones as well, or cover up old markings or you require a different contrast ratio, then we can also help you with this.

Take long-term action with marking paint and marking sprays

The fact that marking paint plays an important role in company safety is no secret. Nor is the fact that straight lines are best drawn with the corresponding marking devices either.

Just how important the quality of the marking paint is in itself is usually only revealed over the long term. After all, you have better things to do than paint over the lines after every rain shower or every time the factory floor is scrubbed clean. This is why kaiserkraft has paint optimised for industrial and commercial applications with extremely high resistance to abrasion, and resistance to many chemicals. Can we offer you any advice? Then simply ask us.

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