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kaiserkraft – works.

Ergonomic, safe, sustainable. Everything is exactly where it should be so that you and your colleagues can deliver outstanding results each and every day. Is this how you would like your workplace to be? You’ll find that we have exactly the products you need for this – and even more as well.

As a leading B2B mail order company in the areas of transport, storage, environment, workshop, office and packaging materials, we offer you

  • Transport equipment, lifting equipment, as well as accessories such as wheels and castors
  • Storage equipment, ladders and scaffolds
  • Products for hazardous materials handling and leakage management
  • Power tools and hand tools
  • Cupboards, desks and chairs as a wide range of different models suitable for workshops, laboratories, offices or common rooms
  • Ergonomic and practical office furniture
  • Mailing bags, cardboard boxes and other types of packaging material for your products
  • Office machines, document shredders and filing systems

However, this large product range isn’t all that we offer. We also provide you with support when structuring and optimising individual working environments to turn them into places that inspire you, improve your business processes, and ensure value creation over the long term. Places where you can enjoy a sense of well-being because things simply work.

Everything for your business: 75,000 renowned brand-name products

We don’t say “We don’t have that”. Everyone at kaiserkraft takes the words “large product range” very seriously, and new products are constantly being added to the range for you. We currently stock around 75,000 products.

Quantity isn’t everything? We think so too. That’s why the products you’ll find in our shop come from quality brands. Or are products we make ourselves – these being eurokraft basic and eurokraft pro. Because we are confident about the quality of our products, we also give you a minimum 3-year guarantee on them, with the guarantee extending to 10 years on eurokraft pro products.

Individual packaging solutions for an uninterrupted flow of goods

You can also count on us when you are sending products by mail. Our packaging shop awaits with packaging solutions available of just about every type you can thing of. We save you long, tedious searches for them. Whether large or small, for standard or bulky packages – our cardboard box finder helps you to locate exactly the packaging you need with little effort.

Should you also require filling materials, then add the ones that will protect fragile items to your shopping basket. Strapping, adhesive and packing tapes, stretch films, cargo restraint straps – you’ll find that we have everything you need in one place. This makes your packaging processes more efficient and ensures that the products you send arrive undamaged.

Good to know: to ensure an uninterrupted flow of goods, we send you your packaging solutions by the next day. After all, time makes a difference.

More than just products – we are always there for you

We at kaiserkraft want to make sure we are there for you at all times. Or better yet, every time you need us. That’s why our service doesn’t end after you’ve placed your order. In addition to long guarantee periods and a 30 day product return policy, we also turn whatever you need into reality, with our custom-made models.

Click on the links at the bottom of the list and find out everything you could ever want to know about our service or talk to us.

We will provide you with advice in person – whenever you need it. If you prefer, we can come to you and help you to implement the best solutions for your requirements directly on site. We assume responsibility for your project and 3D planning. Whether it’s a workshop, a factory office or a social facility, we will work together with you to realise concepts for the space that are sustainable, economical and perfectly adapted to your needs. Do you need a product that’s out of the ordinary? Special dimensions, colours, designs? We will make customised solutions possible, or suggest ones from our in-house production for you. Are you looking for an e-procurement solution? No problem! Durability and efficiency are as important to us as they are to our customers. That’s why we take care of inspection + maintenance as well as sourcing and providing spare parts + repairs.

When we’re talking about us: are you already familiar with our own brands?

kaiserkraft’s own brands: premium quality made in Germany

For almost 50 years now, we at kaiserkraft have developed a keen awareness of products with high quality. That gives us the best basis for planning and manufacturing products like these ourselves. That’s exactly what we do, too. Today, we are proud to present our two own brands:

eurokraft basic is the brand that offers you products that make the decision to purchase them an easy one. After all, you’ll get high-quality at a fair price. This is because we know how good our products are, we give you a three-year guarantee on them.
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Good just isn’t good enough for you? Then opt for the eurokraft pro premium class. You’ll benefit from the reliability of hardwearing products – and a full ten-year guarantee.
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To ensure that we can all be properly equipped both tomorrow and in the near future, we are also doing our best in the area of sustainability. Keep reading and learn about our Enkelfähig Initiative and the Enkelfähig Score.

Sustainability born of responsibility: our Enkelfähig Initiative

There are a number of people who talk about sustainability. We prefer the term “responsibility”. Even better than just talking about is acting responsibly, as well. On the one hand, this means that we put a lot of effort into ensuring our operations are sustainable. On the other hand, this also means giving the opportunity to choose sustainable products consciously. To ensure you can, and because transparency is a prerequisite for us to make well-thought-out purchasing decisions, we have introduced the Enkelfähig Score. This score informs you at a glance how a product performs in the 5 categories of circular economy, climate protection, biodiversity, economic efficiency and innovation.

If you would prefer to starting shopping in a way that is as Enkelfähig as possible right away, visit our Enkelfähig shop. This is where you will find a selection of our most sustainable products in one place.

Perfectly equipped and well-informed thanks to kaiserkraft

The information portal

Ergonomic seating, the right way to package goods, or cleaning the office with success – our information portal provides you with an ever increasing number of product guides in which we share our expertise with you. Practical and free-of-charge, that’s a guarantee!
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