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Electric and ergonomic lifting and transport equipment

Make it easier to lift, load and move goods from A to B
EUROKRAFTbasic – High-lift pallet truck, manual hydraulics
€ 949.00
EUROKRAFTpro – Box truck with electric drive
€ 4,300.00
EUROKRAFTpro – Assembly trolley with electric drive
€ 3,400.00

30 day right of return

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3 year minimum guarantee

Custom made models


International offices

Equipped for tomorrow.

Make sure you’re equipped for everything. No matter what happens.

Own brand products


Own brand products

Sustainable products

Sustainable products

Home office

Home office products


Equipped for workshop.

Excellent brands – excellent performance


Equipped properly for every task, and with all the proper equipment exactly where you need it to be – a reason to stick with us. After all, we'll ensure you are “equipped for tomorrow”! And no matter what happens today – you'll find we have all the business equipment that your company needs:

Place your trust in the professionals, because there are good reasons why we are the leading B2B mail-order company in the transport, warehouse, environment, business and office sectors:

Transport equipment, lifting equipment, as well as accessories such as wheels and castors

Storage equipment, ladders and scaffolds

Products for hazardous materials handling and leakage management

Power tools and hand tools

Cupboards, tables and chairs in a wide variety of designs for workshops, laboratories, offices or social rooms

Ergonomic and practical office furniture

Office machines, document shredders and filing systems

Our commitment to quality extends far beyond simply offering the right products! Let us surprise you…

Everything for your business: source renowned brand-name products from 80,000

We don't say “we don't have that”. This is because everyone at KAISER+KRAFT Ireland takes the words “large product range” very seriously and new products are constantly being added for you. We currently stock a total of more than 80,000 products.

Quantity isn't everything? We think so too. That's why the products you'll find in our shop come from quality brands, or products we make ourselves – are you already familiar with our own brands? And because we are confident about the quality of our products, we also give you a minimum 3-year guarantee. That sounds like a perfect purchase, doesn't it?

Not only do we have a large product range and high-quality products, but we also have the right all-around stress free package for you: our service!

More than just products – we are always there for you

We at KAISER+KRAFT Ireland want to make sure we are there for you at all times – or better yet, every time you need us. And that's why our service doesn't end after you've placed your order. In addition to free shipping, a guarantee and a product return policy, we also turn whatever it is you need into reality, be this custom made models or replacing parts that have worn out.

Just click on the links at the bottom of the list and find out everything you could ever want to know about our service or talk to us.

We advise you personally – whenever it suits you.

We take care of your project and planning.

We make custom made models or in-house production possible for you.

Do you need an e-procurement solution? No problem!

We also take care of the procurement of spare parts + repairs.

While we're talking about us: are you already familiar with our own brands?

Our own brands: premium quality made in Germany

After 75 years, we at KAISER+KRAFT Ireland have developed sure instincts for high-quality products and, of course, we have the know-how to plan and manufacture products like these. And that's exactly what we have been doing! Today, we are proud to present our two own brands to you:

EUROKRAFTbasic is the brand that offers you products that make the decision to purchase them an easy one because you'll get high quality at a fair price. Because we know how good our products are, we give you a three-year guarantee on them.
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Good just isn't good enough for you? Then opt for the EUROKRAFTpro premium class. You'll benefit from the reliability of hardwearing products – along with a minimum ten-year guarantee.
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To ensure we are all properly equipped tomorrow, and for the near future as well, we are also doing our best when it comes to sustainability – keep reading!

Sustainable out of a sense of responsibility

Everyone talks about sustainability, but we prefer to use the word responsibility. What we also prefer to do is to act responsibly, and not just talk about it. It's something we do so every single day: KAISER+KRAFT Germany has, for example, been carbon neutral since January 2018. This means that we offset the energy that we generate ourselves and that we purchase by buying CO2 certificates. In addition, we use carbon-neutral print advertising materials, webshops and transport. You'll even find carbon-neutral products in our product range.


Would you like to know more about how we act responsibly for the benefit of people, nature and the environment? Find out now on our website.

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Perfectly equipped and well informed thanks to KAISER+KRAFT Ireland

The expert product advice

Ergonomic seating, the right way to package goods, or cleaning the office with success – our product information portal provides you with an ever-increasing number of product guides in which we share our expertise with you. Practical and free of charge, that's a guarantee!
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Coronavirus information

Your health is something we take very seriously, which is why we are sharing valuable tips for your industry with you and are offering you products that protect you from coronavirus.
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