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Please, take a seat! Sit upright! Move around while seated! Don't hurt yourself by sitting! Our ergonomic office chairs make it more than easy to satisfy these instructions and recommendations. Even better, take our selected office chairs for a test sitting!

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Office chairs: Just a place to sit? We can do better!

Being seated has become the way the majority works in our society – regardless of whether they are employed in the production, service or research sector. This is why a stronger focus needs to be placed on seating for your employees. Legislators have enacted strict guidelines, and ergonomic attributes also provide guidance on which office chairs from the product range offered by KAISER+KRAFT might be suitable for you.

What do I need to pay attention to when purchasing office chairs?

Ever since occupational health and safety hat become a hotly discussed topic, the attitudes to configuring workplaces have changed:

  • Office chairs should no longer be chosen using standard procurement processes, but rather be chosen individually for each employee.

  • Desks must complement the chair by ensuring perfect posture while seated – and are therefore no longer the key focus of office configuration.

We've put together the Guidelines for workstation equipment to provide you with orientation when making your choice. As an employer, you are well advised to follow them. They will give you rough guidelines on what an optimally adapted swivel chair should be able to do.

Which factors make an office chair an optimum office chair?

Everything about the office chair should cater to the employees' needs and their physical requirements. And this, in turn, means that the chair should be able to be adjusted as flexible as possible.

The height, in combination with the weight, of an employee is a major factor:

  • The taller the employee, the higher the backrest and the gas spring extension should be

  • The seat depth should be chosen so that the user's legs can remain placed on the floor at a 90-degree angle at all times, while the behind can move right through to the back rest

  • The heavier the employee, the more ample and, at the same, firmer the padding should be

When it comes to adjustment, the more elements that can be adjusted, the better the office chair is. Premium products, for example, offer:

  • Adjustable armrests to take weight off the shoulders and upper spine

  • Adjustable backrest with a similarly adjustable lumbar support for the lower spine

  • Seat joints that can be tilted, swivelled and locked in place for optimum contact between the body and chair, even when leaning back or wobbling

When it comes to choosing materials or colours, you should base your choice on design specifications whenever possible. However, sitting on fabric is different to sitting on leather or vinyl. Smooth materials such as leather are easier to clean and suggest higher quality, while fabrics breathe more actively – in particular as an airy mesh back rest.

And don't forget that the castors for the office chair need to be designed for hard or soft floor coverings respectively – if you get those mixed up, you're risking damaging the floor, and a rolling motion that is everything other than smooth.

More tips can, for example, be found in our Encyclopaedia of healthy sitting in the office.

How can I customise office chairs to make them even better?

Are our swivel chairs not quite right for your employees and the office environment? You'll also find selected solutions for this at KAISER+KRAFT as well:

  • Floor protection mats prevent scratches from ruining a well-maintained office floor due to chair castors, and make the chair even easier to roll around.

  • Arm rests provide every office chair with an important support to take the strain off the neck, spine and shoulders.

  • Individual furniture castors are a means of repairing every chair without going over budget, and will adapt the seat to all sorts of floor surfaces and users.

How important details are that might seem trivial is also explained in our Purchasing guide to healthy sitting and in our Tips on ergonomics in the workplace.

We only stock high-quality brand-name manufacturers that have proven their worth as experienced outfitters for offices and the workshop. Should you have any questions about our product range, for example the products made by Interstuhl or office akktiv, then please ask us – any time!

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