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Providing your workforce with the right safety shoes and boots is important to preventing unwanted accidents and injuries in the workplace. Whether you’re looking for slip-resistant, waterproof, chemical or puncture-resistant shoes, the right pair will allow your employees to carry out work safely. Here at kaiserkraft, we have safety footwear in a range of designs and styles, from traditional lace-ups and boots, to sandals and more. All options have been designed to deliver exceptional comfort, perfect for long days on-site. Browse our range and place your order online.

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Safety shoes vs. work shoes: what's the difference?

Safety footwear is mandatory in many trades and in laboratories. In an emergency, safety shoes and boots protect the feet from injury. Industrial safety footwear is a component of PPE (personal protective equipment) and is categorised by a number of safety levels.

On the other hand, work shoes haven’t been categorised by safety level. They have, however, been designed to provide comfort while at work, focusing on foot health and ergonomics. They are functional and often feature an attractive design.

Safety shoes and boots for different work areas

Safety footwear is mandatory for a wide variety of professions, including firefighters, electricians, and chefs. Appropriate safety shoes are available in a wide range of styles, colours, and designs to suit different needs, depending on the working environment. Whilst firefighters require flame-resistant safety footwear, electricians require EH-rated shoes, which offer electrical hazard protection.

How to choose the right safety shoes

Your choice of safety footwear depends on the basic safety requirements of your workplace. When making the decision, you’ll need to consider the activity performed in your workplace and what the appropriate safety level is for that work. The safety levels are specified using a combination of the letter 'S’, plus a letter/ number, and range from the lowest safety level (SB) to the highest (S5). Regardless of the level of protection, all safety shoes feature anti-slip soles and toe caps, which can withstand impacts of up to 200 joules.

If you have any questions about our range of safety footwear or the required safety levels for your business, then get in touch with us. We’d be happy to help you.

Accessories for your safety footwear

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