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To power different devices all at the same time: up to sixteen devices can be connected to one single power source by using trailing sockets. This is especially practical in the office, as it allows computers, printers and the like to be connected at one workstation to save space. However, special multiple plug sockets and electricity stations have also shown themselves to be invaluable in industry. From workshop power distributors to multiple plug safety sockets – discover the extensive range available in the online shop at kaiserkraft!

In the category Power distributors we offer you products of the following brands: ANKE, Brennenstuhl, RAU.

Workstation Power Outlets – for pooling the power supply

Essential aids to work: trailing sockets make everyday work easier in a number of different industries. Whether the work is being done at desks or workstations – many activities will require several devices that must be supplied with power at the same time. From multiple plug sockets with stainless steel housings for use in controlled rooms to electricity stations for outdoor work: the selection of trailing sockets available is highly varied.

Many models feature a main switch that allows all the devices connected to be disconnected from the power at the same time. In addition, the multiple plug sockets in our product range come with overvoltage protection. This prevents the devices connected from being damaged by excessive voltages. This can occur, for example, when lightning strikes a power line.

How to clean trailing sockets

Is there a safe way to clean multiple plug sockets? Observe the following points to do so.

Cleaning mobile trailing sockets

  1. Start by disconnecting the multiple plug socket from the power supply and thereby avoid potentially dangerous electric shocks.

  2. You can then remove the cover and wipe it off. Some models can also be washed in the dishwasher if they exhibit stubborn dirt. Please refer to the product description.

  3. Once the housing that was removed is completely dry, it can be screwed back in place again. Important: the part of the trailing socket that the current flows through when devices are switched on must never come into contact with liquid.

Cleaning fixed trailing sockets

  1. Before cleaning a trailing socket, make sure that you remove the fuse at the power source.

  2. You can use voltage meters to make sure that there is no more current present in the multiple plug socket.

  3. Once you have ensured that no more current is flowing through the trailing socket, you can remove the housing and wipe it clean.

  4. As is the case for mobile sockets, the following applies: the housing must be completely dry before you screw it back onto the trailing socket.

Buying multiple plug safety sockets

From extension cables to multiple plug sockets and cable drums – you'll find the right models in our product range. Whether as an extension for a workbench or a desk, trailing sockets can be used in many different ways. If you have any questions about this product category, please contact us. Our friendly service team will be happy to help you.

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