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When new working equipment is added to an office or factory, then the search can start: for power socket strips! Just as well that you don't have to search for long here: we can offer power socket strips for computers, lamps, fans, laminating devices and everything else that needs to be connected to the mains.

In the category Power distributors we offer you products of the following brands: ANKE, Brennenstuhl.

Power strips – without these, everything stops

Can you imagine a world without power strips? We can't. Admittedly, it might at first sound a bit of an exaggeration to believe that multiple sockets are indispensable. But if you take a look under desks, workstations or behind the TV at home, you'll soon see that power strips are everywhere.

And there are many versions to choose from today. With stainless steel casing, for example, for use in controlled rooms, or as a combined element for certain products such as the Anke laptop trolley. If you want to turn off your equipment regularly, this will be easy with a power strip with a main switch. And because it's well known that power strips must not be connected in a row, you can use double sockets which can be connected simply to the power strip of your desk. Our multiple sockets also have overvoltage protection, of course.

Why should I order power strips with overvoltage protection?

Do you also get tense and uneasy during a thunderstorm? It's natural since thunder and lightning can actually damage your equipment. A lightning strike on your electricity cable is enough to leave a trail of devices damaged from overvoltage. That's why we offer power strips with overvoltage protection, which do as their name suggests. So let the storm rage outside while leaving the company finances intact.

How can I clean power strips?

Power strips are not immune to dust and dirt. And if you clean your workplace, you no doubt want the sockets to dazzle because they're clean, and not because of a short circuit. Therefore, don't just launch into wiping them but follow a few small rules.

For mobile power strips

  1. Disconnect the sockets from the electricity supply.

  2. Now you can remove the cover and wipe them over or rinse them in the dishwasher. But beware: you can only screw the housing back together again once it has completely dried out. On no account may the other part of the power strip come into contact with liquid.

For permanently installed power strips

  1. Before cleaning a power strip, remove the fuse.

  2. You can use a voltmeter to make sure that the socket really is free of electricity.

  3. Now you can remove the housing and wipe over or rinse in the dishwasher. And again here: let the housing dry out completely before screwing it back together again.

Professional power strips for specialists

Whether two sockets or seven sockets, or as an extension to your workbench, or classically integrated in your PC furniture – here you can get the right multiple plug sockets. But if you've still got any questions, then just get in touch with us.

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