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Make sure that you’re equipped for Work 4.0 – with furniture for the lounge, lobby and reception area which promotes new forms of teamwork. You will find classic armchairs, eyecatching beanbags and high quality lounge furniture for your office or reception area right here.

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Lounge, lobby and reception area: the first impression is paramount

Colourful beanbags, inviting lounge furniture or attractive furniture for the lobby are only something for start-ups? Think again! The first impression is paramount – and with the right reception area furniture, you will prove to your customers that you know what’s important, as soon as they walk in the door. You’ll score full points with skilfully furnished team, customer, waiting or reception areas.

What distinguishes modern lounge, reception area and office furniture?

Design thinking, creativity in meetings, employee health and making a good first impression: while a lot of the office furniture available is designed first and foremost for functionality, seating and reception area furniture used in waiting areas and similar corners of the company aim to encourage better teamwork, allow employees to relax while thinking things over, promote a sense of team spirit and help your company make a good impression on customers.

Your reception area or lounge also conveys multi-faceted signals – not only for visitors and customers, but also for your staff:

  • They radiate a friendly atmosphere that isn’t austere.

  • They invite you to linger a while and they foster communication.

  • They underscore the fact that work doesn’t always have to be done at a desk.

  • They show that employees can simply be themselves.

  • They aim to unite creativity, productivity and inspiration.

  • They make waiting a more comfortable experience.

What is the best way to design the lounge, lobby and reception area?

It takes more than a beanbag to make a lounge, and a side table alone does not make a waiting area a customer-friendly one. Depending on the space available, you need to make sure that smaller groups of people are able to sit together and hold discussions with sufficient privacy. Put together an arrangement consisting of a set of stylish lounge furniture where space is limited instead of placing the seats back-to-back.

What’s more, not all seating areas need to form a lounge. Niches found on different floors form an ideal place for quick departmental meetings. Two armchairs or comfortable chairs, a small table, a plant and good light are all it takes to produce faster results and inspire creative ideas when holding ad hoc meetings.

Another factor to think about is who will be sitting or working in these areas. While bean bags might be seen as cosy lounge furniture, they aren’t really suitable for the reception area of a B2B company – after all, they make sitting down and standing up a challenge when you’re wearing a suit and tie.

Ultimately, the design for areas that represent your company is always a matter of what you’d like to say about your company. This is why you should always choose an upholstery colour, style of furniture etc. that harmonises with your corporate design and show a degree of restraint when it comes to furnishings.

Would you like to find out how to create a pleasant environment at the workplace? Read the guide, or contact us if you have any questions about our product range!