Film sealing devices, cardboard box sealers

Shut the flap and seal the film: film sealing devices are indispensable in packaging stations, because they allow film pouches and tubular film to be cut to size and sealed quickly and easily. And you can choose the suitable model just as quickly!

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An easy way to keep dust out: film sealing devices

Keeping dust out and using practical packaging for transport and storage – film pouches are ideally suited for the storage of important, but small, items. But there's a trick to doing this properly: by using film sealing devices from kaiserkraft, you can produce tailor-made transparent pouches in different sizes and thicknesses to cater to your needs. And it couldn't be easier: film sleeves in different widths and thicknesses are cut and sealed with one motion by simply pressing down on the cutter. Close the flap – and you're done.

Film sealing devices for small volume and industrial-scale production

In which quantity do you actually need to produce film pouches, and how do you find the right model to do exactly that? The product range available from kaiserkraft includes film sealing devices for quick, practical use, or ones for industrial-scale production. Take a close look: the size and contents that you intend to place in the pouches are two decisive factors. The film thickness defines the max. load, while the film width defines the capacity of the bags. Thicker film sleeves produce stronger seams than thinner ones when sealing them. When deciding which product to purchase, you should there base your decision on the pouch that suits your needs, and the height of the seam.

Our extensive range of film sealing devices starts with an entry-level model with a working width of 200 mm and extends through to a high performance model for industrial-scale series production and a sealing seam width of 620 mm. If the seams you choose are 2 or 3 mm in height, you can cut and seal film sleeves with a thickness of up to 2 x 0.2 mm. Depending on the type of device, it may include practical features to make your work easier, such as a handle with an ergonomic designed, a magnetic catch, or options for adjusting the sealing and cooling time.

Could you do with some useful accessories as well? A dispenser for shrink film will allow you to creates seals even faster. Or how about a practical pedal operated device? This will allow you to keep one hand free – making the work even more efficient.

A clear view of your packaging

You'll find that kaiserkraft also has film sleeves, shrink films, bubble wrap or foam films – in fact, you'll find everything you could ever need when it comes to packaging material. Is there anything else you'd like? Talk to us, we will be happy to help you.

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