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Our all-rounders: table trolleys as a mobile workshop. They go everywhere and anywhere, are manoeuvrable and light, durable and robust, offer heaps of storage space and more than sufficient shelf surface. And their extensive equipment accessories allow you to work better. Styling and performance for your new workshop wheels.

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Your new all-rounders: table trolleys & Workshop Trolleys

Table trolleys are multifunctional devices when used as transport equipment and trolleys. As a mobile workbench, for example, they are indispensable for many types of assembly work, because they are quick and easy to take from one workstation to another, and offer space as well as safe storage areas for many of the materials and equipment required. Ideally, table trolleys complement your built-in work tables. In some companies, however, there are often no fixed workstations set up at all, as the radius of action they offer is often limited. Instead, you can put your faith in table trolleys and sack trucks for mobile use. In cases like this, however, you should make sure that you use table trolleys that still provide the same comfort as a fixed workbench does due to their retractable wheels.

And which equipment options are available for our table trolleys?

When it comes to equipment and accessories for table trolleys and assembly trolleys, there is a large range of options to choose from. By principle, all models are produced using durable and robust materials such as sheet steel, multiplex panels and plastics, while mobility is provided by swivelling solid rubber castors with brake systems. Above and beyond the range of assembly trolleys with a simple design, there is also a large selection of additional options:

  1. Leak-proof sump shelves and shelves with anti-slip surfaces ensure work remains tidy and safe.

  2. If required, assembly trolleys with cupboard inserts and drawers are available to choose from, with lockable elements providing secure storage for high quality tools and devices.

  3. For storing small parts and bulk parts, trolleys with integrated open fronted storage bins make for an intelligent solution.

  4. Cables, tools and other work materials can be professionally stored in perforated panel systems.

  5. To be able to guarantee that work can be done ergonomically, the range of assembly trolleys also includes models with height adjustable worktops. This makes the optimal setting for every body height possible without problems.

  6. The load bearing capacities of the table trolleys extend up to as much as 500 kg.

With this large range of products, we are offering you high performance assembly trolleys in the highest quality for every potential use in your company. And which one would you like?

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