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Have you always wanted to show someone how to hit the nail on the head? This is best done using our wall mounted cupboards. This makes your workplace more organised in no time at all: in the workshop, laboratory, warehouse or office. No more bending and no stretching – everything is hanging at the right height for you. Even the hammer for the nail.

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Wall-Mounted Storage cupboards for the workshop, warehouse and laboratory

Everything's full downstairs? Use the space above you. With wall mounted cupboards from kaiserkraft you can accommodate more without compromising your freedom of movement. It also has advantages in terms of working comfort and efficiency when tools or laboratory utensils are at eye level.

When is a wall mounted cupboard the right choice?

There are two main arguments for the purchase of wall mounted cupboards:

  1. There's no room for a cupboard or a shelving unit on the floor any more.

  2. You want to give your employees a way to take work utensils out of the cupboard without bending down.

Depending on its dimensions, a wall mounted cupboard can even be placed in small corners and niches. In addition, our wall mounted cupboards in various colours can be perfectly combined with other furnishings. And there are other options for you as well.

What types of wall mounted cupboards are there?

We can supply wall mounted cupboards in small or large sizes, for workshops, social rooms or setting up a laboratory. What matters is how much space you have available and how much you want to store in the cupboard. What you want to store also plays an important role. Heavy tools require wall mounted tool cupboards with a high load capacity – unlike writing utensils or documents.

Also think of the doors. Lockable doors provide security, flaps can be opened with one hand and, with vision panels, your employees immediately know what is in a cupboard. Sometimes the best solution is to have no doors at all, for example when there is no room for them or when item removal has to be particularly fast.

For organised storage, we offer wall mounted tool cupboards with one or two shelves, with or without centre partition and even with a fold-out worktop. You can hang tools from perforated panels in such a way that they are always ready to use.

A lot of information at once? Then the most important selection criteria for a wall mounted cupboard once again, briefly and concisely:

  • Dimensions

  • Max. load

  • Type of door

  • Interior fittings

What must be observed during installation?

Don't forget the wall in front of all the cupboards. Because only if it has a sufficiently high load-bearing capacity can it hold cupboards with heavy contents. You can contribute to the load-bearing capacity with high-quality mounting material. Many of our wall mounted cupboards come with holes for drilling. That leaves the choice of location. The best place to mount a wall cupboard is where it can be easily reached and opened. And, of course, where the content is needed.

Any questions about selection, assembly or use? We will be happy to answer your questions personally – even if you are looking for other furnishings for your office, warehouse, workshop or laboratory.

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