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Practical aids in canteens, cafeterias and hotel kitchens: serving trolleys. They make the transport of food, plates and drinks from A to B much easier. From sturdy models for the kitchen to table trolleys for hotels and restaurants and general purpose trolleys for transport logistics – you’ll find a range of high quality models at kaiserkraft. Find the right serving trolleys for your company now.

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Serving trolleys: use in hospitality

For the most part, serving trolleys are used in the hospitality and hotel industries. Whether you’re serving drinks or food, these mobile aids allow you to transport the food comfortably. A general purpose truck equipped with cutlery drawers and compartments for trays, on the other hand, can also function as a mobile waiter’s station. What’s more, a metal serving trolley for the hospitality industry is a hygienic transport option for your business’ catering service.

Once the guests have enjoyed their food, you can use a table trolley to transport the dirty dishes back to the kitchen without putting any strain on your spine. A serving trolley that is height adjustable can be individually adapted to how tall the employee is, thereby making use easy on the back. The models are also useful aids in the kitchen itself, for example for transporting ingredients to the prep station at which they are needed. Serving trolleys with 2 or 3 shelves are also popular in the industry, as they can be loaded with Euro crates.

General purpose trolleys: how they simplify logistics in your business

Apart from the hospitality industry, general purpose trolleys will help keep work proceeding smoothly at your company. As versatile items of transport equipment, they speed up order picking, for example, and help make transport logistics less complicated in a large number of different areas. Height adjustable models can also be an asset when it comes to providing ergonomic work equipment, as they can be individually adapted to suit your employees.

General purpose trolleys with high quality wheels and castors that run smoothly while also being safe to manoeuvre facilitate the transport of heavy loads. This is because they help transfer the force applied optimally and therefore require minimum effort. Please note the max. load. Our product range features many general purpose trolleys and serving trolleys made of robust stainless steel that have a load capacity well in the three digit range. This makes them stable items of equipment with a large number of potential uses.

Are you unsure which serving trolley will meet the requirements at your company? Then get in touch with us. Our friendly service team will be happy to help you make the right choice.

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