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Serving trolleys

Good service is important. The hospitality industry knows this best of all. Because when plates, food or drinks need to be transported through canteens, cafeterias or hotel kitchens, then sooner or later someone will be calling for a butler! Admittedly, we don't sell those... but we do have great serving trolleys in the very best quality instead.
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208 items found
Serving trolley
The serving trolley is an indispensable item of equipment in the hospitality industry. Whether in canteens, cafeterias or a hotel kitchen, when setting and clearing tables needs to be done effectively, when plates, meals and beverages need to be transported and when room service is delivering a meal to the 8th floor, then the kitchen trolley is worth its weight in gold. Speed and efficiency of service is important in these customer-oriented areas. Short and quick routes can be covered with a dolly, instead of bare hands. Along with classic serving trolleys, there are also shelf trucks with custom functions available here. For example, there is a tray trolley to make removing and inserting trays much easier, or special dollies for beverage crates. Different functions make the serving trolleys a professional helper in different areas. For example, there is an anti-slip surface – either as an anti-slip coating or anti-slip mat – on a serving trolley for the hospitality industry and for buffets. A kitchen dolly is, in the best case, temperature resistant and often made of stainless steel. Order the dolly in our online shop which is tailored to your requirements. Decide how many shelves your shelf trolley should have, whether it should be made of wire mesh or sheet steel, and how high the maximum surface load needs to be.

Different serving trolleys with great functions
We also offer serving trolleys with a loading capacity of up to 1000 kg, and incidentally, these dollies have a very low inherent weight as well. The serving trolleys are made of high quality materials such as aluminium, plastic and stainless steel, and impress with their long service life and low wear. This is, for example, due to a PVC protection strip all around and the impact proof material used to make them, along with the stable chipboard panels. Fixed castors with wheel stops ensure the serving trolley remains where it is, easy rolling swivel castors guarantee safe and easy transport, removable trays allow flexible use and cleaning. Ergonomic aspects have also been factored into the dollies, so that daily work with them really is a load off your feet. Using the serving trolleys from our product range, not only can restaurant and industrial kitchen requirements be catered to, but also office requirements and catering events. With a table trolley, an order picking trolley and the other transport equipment from KAISER+KRAFT, you'll find the right trolley for all sorts of requirements. Discover the broad range of special mail distribution trolleys or mobile workbenches, cleaning trolleys and order picking trolleys in this extraordinary range of products.


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