Multi-purpose ladders, telescopic ladders

Telescopic and multi-purpose ladders, also known as combination ladders, are extremely versatile, enabling you to carry out a wide variety of tasks. Designed to be multi-functional, with a high load bearing capacity and incomparable stability, our all-in-one ladders will take you to great heights and can be converted into different configurations, from lean to ladders and folding step ladders, to make every type of job easier.

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Multi-purpose and telescopic ladders: the all-in-one ladder solution

A step ladder or a lean to ladder? Save yourself the hassle with a telescopic multi-purpose ladder from kaiserkraft, which can be adjusted to reach every height, low or high.

Folding ladders for ease

When compared to conventional ladders, telescopic ladders have an innovative design and can be easily folded the same way a telescope retracts, which is where the name comes from. In busy workspaces, folding ladders are much easier to store, move, and assemble.

Combination ladders for every job

Many multi-purpose ladders consist of three parts with one extendable ladder element. Others can be set up as step ladders and can be folded out into lean to ladders if required. Also, some models are also suitable as stair ladders or even as double ladders. All this means that you only need one ladder for every application and job – big or small, high or low. No need for different models taking up valuable storage space in your commercial space.

For advice on how to choose the right ladder size for your business, read our guide.

Designed with safety in mind

As well as providing flexibility and practicality, one thing our multi-purpose ladders also have in common is their extensive safety equipment. With the latest hinge systems, anti-slip ladder feet and options for retrofitting anti-slip tread covers, they have everything you and your employees need for a firm footing. Everything you need to know about how to use ladders safely and the ergonomic use of ladders to prevent back injuries in the workplace.

Climb high with telescopic ladders

Whether you’re working at half a meter or ten meters above the floor, painting or bolting things in place, we have a large selection of multi-purpose ladders and scaffolding suitable for various applications, from steps to mobile safety steps and more. Browse now and take to new heights.

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