Multi-purpose ladders, telescopic ladders

The all-rounders among the ladders are multi-purpose ladders and telescopic ladders. Thanks to the high load bearing capacity, the high-quality workmanship and the incomparable stability, you can reach even the highest working area.

In the category Multi-purpose ladders, telescopic ladders we offer you products of the following brands: Altrex, HYMER, KRAUSE, MUNK, Telesteps, euroline, Layher.

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Multi-purpose ladders and telescopic ladders – versatile climbing aids

A step ladder or a lean to ladder? You can save yourself answering this question if you decide on a multi-purpose ladder from KAISER+KRAFT which can be used with or without a wall.

A ladder for all cases

Many multi-purpose ladders consist of three parts with one extendable ladder element. Others can be set up as step ladders and can be folded out into lean to ladders if required. Also,some models are also suitable as stair ladders or even as double ladders. The advantage of all variants is that you only need one ladder for different applications. You also remain flexible when it comes to working heights. Please also read our purchasing guide with additional information on correct ladder size selection.

Our ladders have something else in common – their extensive safety equipment. The latest hinge systems, anti-slip ladder feet and options for retrofitting anti-slip tread covers: Multi-purpose ladders and telescopic ladders have everything you or your employees need for a firm footing. Our purchasing guides will tell you what you should bear in mind to use ladders safely and in regard to ergonomics.

Even more ways to get high

Whether half a meter or ten meters above the floor, for painting or bolting things in place: we have a large selection of ladders and scaffolding for various applications, from steps to mobile safety steps. Browse now and start moving on up.

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