Outdoor ashtrays

Are cigarette butts lying all over the place in front of your entrance door? Things don't have to be this way. You could, for example, offer smokers a pedestal ashtray. Having an outdoor ashtray at the entrance to public buildings, and to service providers, makes a lot of sense.

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    Outdoor ashtrays for a clean entrance area

    If the right container isn't within reach, then they'll be tossed on the ground. Cigarette butts in entrance areas or in the courtyard will put a quick end to a well maintained image. The pedestal ashtrays from kaiserkraft will make your outdoor areas more attractive, and will also eliminate the risk of fires.

    Visually attractive wall mounted ashtrays and pedestal ashtrays with a fireproof housing

    There are wall ashtrays available in our shop which take up little space and fit into any smokers' corner. Slim pedestal ashtrays made of stainless steel score points by ensuring entrance areas look presentable. We recommend pedestal ashtrays or ashtrays with a cover for unsheltered areas outdoors.

    Regardless of where they are set up or installed, our ashtrays will nip any fires in the bud. Fireproof housing ensures flames can't spread. Flame extinguishing models prevent any oxygen from fuelling the fire, and also prevent smoke from billowing out. We also place value on keeping things clean when emptying the ashtrays. This is ensured by a practical tilting mechanism, for example, on wall ashtrays, or by easy-to-remove inner containers.

    Ashtray & litterbin for uncompromising cleanliness

    Along with ashtrays, you'll find that kaiserkraft has containers for all other sorts of waste and rubbish as well, from unobtrusive rubbish bins to recyclable waste collectors, and even bins with a particularly high capacity. These products ensure that there is every chance that your outdoor areas make a good impression and act as a calling card for your company's building.

    If you're not interested in setting up separate ashtrays and rubbish bins, then combination ashtrays unite both functions in one – an elegant and space saving all round solution.

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