You're holding a lively discussion and your colleagues are throwing facts, ideas and key words around the room. What are you going to do? That's right, you simply turn around to face your flip chart and write all of it down. This is how to remember everything and ensure an effective meeting. We would say: 1-0 for our flip charts!

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Flip charts – give structure to your thoughts

Even if, as a speaker, you clearly formulate your thoughts and draw reasonable conclusions, this doesn't mean that your audience can follow you. The best way around this is to get visual support. Here you shouldn't necessarily turn to a computer but the trusted assistance of flip charts instead. The reason is simple.

Why are flip charts easels ideal for presentation and moderation?

The good old combination of pen and paper is the best option, especially when your presentation isn't just about results but also developments. If, for example, you want to come up with new product ideas together with workshop participants, you can put the suggestions on the flip chart for all to see and make connections and form clusters using different colours and pens.

And because you can, of course, write and speak while this is happening, the brainstorming gets much livelier – and what's written down stays longer in the memory. Furthermore, the resulting diagram doesn't then just disappear in a digital folder but can be hung up and put on view – any time and anywhere.

That's why flip chart easels are also more popular for workshops than whiteboards, for example, which aren't so easy to move, take with you or rearrange. Even presentation cards have a drawback compared to a chart: they always have to be pinned to the board one by one.

You can also find more of these professional tips in our guide on moderating and on our overview page on presenting and moderating.

What flip chart formats are available?

With the standard format of around 680 x 970 mm for the writing surface, most of our flip chart range is perfectly suited to workshops and seminars with a modest number of participants. If you want to use a special form of presentation and moderation in a particularly small circle, we also have A4 table flip charts available.

If you have further questions on equipment and our product range please feel free to contact us.

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