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Bollards, barrier posts

Bollards provide a warning, bollards provide protection, bollards are flexible. Our bollards and barrier posts will help you to make traffic routes safe and help you to set up self-evident guidance systems.

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Barrier posts and bollards for indoor and outdoor areas

You'd like to cordon off hazardous areas, demarcate traffic routes or prevent unauthorised users from occupying your parking space? Parking barrier posts from KAISER+KRAFT are ideal for setting boundaries – permanently or temporarily. With removable, tilting or retractable posts, they'll ensure you remain flexible. And attractive, stylish bollards ensure that public areas ensure a representative appearance is maintained.

What function do barrier posts provide?

The key function of barrier posts is actually revealed by their name. Whether in storerooms, outdoor areas or underground garages, they are primarily used to ensure safety and to partition off private areas from public ones.

And to ensure that they are noticed in good time, barrier posts are painted in warning colours. Whereby the following applies: red-white for temporary, and yellow-black for permanent barriers. You can purchase posts in both colour combinations from us, which are available in different sizes as well. Do you need to secure pedestrian areas from traffic in a visually attractive way? Our stainless steel bollards and city bollards feature a stylish and low-key design, allowing them to blend seamlessly into inviting and well maintained outdoor areas.

Removable, tilting and retractable solutions – what are the differences between barrier posts?

Sometimes a post that remains in one fixed position in all circumstances is the best solution. In other cases, flexibility is more important, for example in driveways, fire truck entry points or car parks. Removable security posts guarantee that everyone who has the right key can enjoy free passage. Simply unlock it, remove the post and put it to one side.

Removing and carrying posts is an unnecessary activity when tilting versions are used. When required, they can simply be folded down and up again – providing you have the key. Retractable barrier posts actually disappear right into the ground, without creating a tripping hazard or leaving a hindrance to traffic in their wake. Both versions also offer an additional advantage: because the post remains permanently anchored in the ground, no-one can remove it.

Would you like to draw attention to shafts in the floor or low ceiling heights in garages? Our barrier posts for ceiling and floor mounting can be installed at an easily visible height. This helps prevent damage to vehicles caused by inattentiveness.

Summary: Barrier posts

  • Fixed posts are ideal for permanent barriers.

  • Removable posts can be removed entirely by persons authorised to do so.

  • Tilting posts can be folded over, while remaining firmly anchored to the ground.

  • Retractable posts disappear right into the ground.

Which benefits do flexible posts and bollards provide?

When space is tight, things can quickly go wrong. You only have to turn the steering wheel a moment too late, and already your vehicle has collided with a barrier post. You can keep the damage in check with our flexible barrier posts with integrated tension springs or guide pins. They yield to the extent necessary when an impact occurs, and automatically righten themselves afterwards, in a similar way to the flexible crash protection products. If that still isn't quite enough for you, then we recommend FlexPins. You can drive right into them without anything happening. In the event of an emergency, you can drive right over them – this ensures that the fire brigade or paramedics always have easy access.

If you're not sure which barrier posts represent the ideal solution in your case, then ask us. We are happy to advise you about every type of barriers and markings available.

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