Bollards, barrier posts

They warn, protect, demarcate areas, and keep paths clear: bollards and barrier posts allow you to secure traffic routes and set up easily comprehensible guidance systems. Discover models for different areas of use at kaiserkraft – from flexible plastic barrier posts to stylish stainless steel bollards.

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Bollards and barrier posts for cordoning off and securing

Whether indoors or outdoors, in underground garages, warehouses or production halls: bollards and barrier posts block off access routes, keep parking spaces free, clearly indicate barriers, and secure danger spots. This means they help ensure safety and easy orientation.

At kaiserkraft, we offer bollards and barrier posts in many different designs, such as ones that come in warning colours, or as an imposing steel version. When using warning colours, remember that red and white is intended for temporary barriers and yellow and black for permanent ones. Bollards made of stainless steel or city bollards, on the other hand, are a stylish way to demarcate highly visible public areas.

Removable, tilting or anchored to the ground: the range of bollards

Which bollard or barrier post is the right choice depends on how you intend to use it. If you would like to use a bollard to permanently block off an access route or secure a car park, a post that is permanently installed may be the best solution. Removable bollards ensure that anyone with the right key has easy access: simply unlock, pull out the bollard and put it aside. Tilting bollards, also known as folding bollards, make this easy to do. You fold them down after unlocking and place them upright again later on.

If you choose retractable barrier posts for concreting in, they disappear right into the ground. This means that no trip hazards remain, and the bollards are firmly anchored and safe from theft. As an alternative, there are also bollards for bolting in place.

Do you need to draw attention to low-hanging beams or low ceiling heights, and this in garages in particular? Our barrier posts for ceiling and floor mounting can be installed at eye level to ensure they are clearly visible. In tight spaces, flexible barrier posts with integrated tension springs or guide pins are also a good choice. The bollards yield when they are drive in into, and straighten up again automatically afterwards. FlexPins are even more flexible. These bollards can also be driven over in an emergency, e.g. by fire brigades or ambulances.

If you're not sure which bollards and barrier posts are the ideal solution in your case, then just make contact with us. We will be happy to advise you on which bollards to purchase and on any type of barriers and markings as well.

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