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Take the chance to stretch your legs. Enjoy a snack or grab a quick coffee while standing. You can also hold brief meetings here: at bistro tables and pedestal tables. Furnishings typical to cafés and bistros are increasingly finding their way into company buildings. We're not surprised, because they always radiate an appreciative attitude to life.

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Bistro tables and pedestal tables: The best way to chat is to loosen up

It's not only at an expansive, serious conference table that important conversations can take place. With a drink at the bistro or pedestal table, chatting is even easier. For this reason alone they are part of the basic equipment of good events and trade fairs. But bistro and pedestal tables are also welcome in everyday business life. Often in areas where they're not suspected.

Bistro tables in the office: What are the advantages?

Colleagues often want to get together for small talk or rethink projects in a relaxed atmosphere. The best way to do this is to move away from your desk. Instead of sitting at a large conference table, small groups prefer to gather at a round bistro table on comfortable chairs or bar stools. This takes some of the seriousness out of the task, the mind works differently and at a round table your employees can put their heads together better.

As bistro and pedestal tables take up little space along with seating, they can be set up practically anywhere. Your employees will no doubt also like to use this relaxed contact point for discussions with customers or visitors.

Where can bistro tables be used in the company?

The joy of communication that pedestal and bistro tables give out benefits you throughout the entire company. Weatherproof models for outdoor facilities are a stylish and tidy meeting point for smokers.

In the canteen, cafeteria or lounge they are the perfect place for a quick cup of coffee – or an ideal opportunity to get away from the sitting position.

In the reception area, the tables can also serve as a waiting point and even be used as advertising space: if you place brochures there, anyone waiting will take a look inside.

What requirements must a bistro table meet?

Stability and an attractive appearance are the key points. Depending on the desired effect, you can choose warm wooden surfaces or timelessly stylish plain models in classic colours such as white or black.

When it comes to stability, there is no question: the table must be able to withstand someone leaning on it. Depending on the location and frequency of use, you should also think about castors, second shelves or foldability. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to advise you.

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