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Rest easy in the washroom: the industrious company elves provide paper, soap and disinfection agents without you even noticing, and are consummate professionals when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. Let's give them a round of applause to express our thanks! And send another order off for sanitary requirements.

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Sanitation requirements for the hygienic area: Cleanliness in every pore

The washroom is the hub of a hygienic working environment and employee health. After all, workers and employees can get rid of the dirt of the day and clean and disinfect their hands to eliminate unwanted germs. With the right sanitary requirements, you not only comply with legal regulations. They also ensure optimum working conditions.

What are the sanitation regulations?

The Workplace Ordinance and the Workplace Guideline ASR A4.1 contain very precise instructions as to which requirements a washroom or hygienic area must meet. There it is recorded down to the smallest detail which equipment is needed and which sanitation requirements are to be kept ready.

Basically, ''means for cleaning and drying the hands'' is an important element. This includes hand washing lotions, hand cleaners and paper towels. Products for skincare, disinfection and skin protection are also important for special work environments and the handling of certain work equipment. Especially for work in cleanrooms, you should have disposable gloves in appropriate dispensers as well as skin cleansing products with special formulations ready.

Which version is more economical: towels or hand dryers?

In our range of cleaning and sanitation products, you will find paper towels and holders as well as electric hand dryers. Both versions have their advantages and disadvantages.

Although paper towels are a current cost item as consumables, they must always be in stock. However, these towels dry hands quickly and thoroughly, absorb cleaning residues and can be disposed of properly. They can also be used to dry the face. Thanks to special folds, consumption remains low. The maintenance requirements for paper towel holders are, of course, very clear.

Electric hand dryers do not produce any garbage and are hygienic and thorough with appropriate equipment – in many cases even more thorough than a paper towel. However, they consume electricity and need to be cleaned and maintained regularly. In return, they are practically unbeatable in terms of cost-benefit ratio, especially in highly frequented washrooms, and can also be used in hygienically sensitive environments.

The formula is ,therefore: For a staff washroom with a clear frequency and normal hygienic requirements, paper towels for hygiene requirements are more cost-effective. With a high user frequency, very high hygienic requirements and as contact-free a drying requirement as possible, the investment in a hand dryer quickly pays for itself. We would also be pleased to advise you on your questions regarding sanitation requirements.

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