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Hat shelves or umbrella stands, on the wall or on the floor, with hooks or studs... we're talking about coat racks, clothes racks, and clothes rails. Alternatively, you could also say your company's calling card, because it's often the first thing that visitors, guests and customers see. Just as well that you'll find a large range of different clothes racks in our shop!

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Clothes racks and rails – more than just a shelf

The experts are unanimous: layering is on trend. Wearing several layers is, however, old hat. No-one wants to go out on rainy days or in winter in just one layer. But where should jackets, hats and umbrellas be placed once you enter the warm, dry office? Coat rails from KAISER+KRAFT give you a way to store any items of clothing you don't currently need. That means you don't have to spend the day sweating or throw your clothes on the floor or hang them from your desk.

Clothes racks and rails and coat racks in different versions

Round cloakroom stands with a classic design make a stylish impression in every entrance area, and make a good impression on visitors. Trendy versions made of wood or featuring hook knobs attract attention. What if you haven't much space? Slender wall mounted coat racks and individual wall hooks can be optimally placed in the unused spot behind the door and can be combined with a separate umbrella stand. And to keep hats and caps from cluttering up the window sill, you'll also find models with a shelf in our shop.

If you need space for a large number of items of clothing? We recommend coat rails for large rooms, waiting rooms and cloakrooms at events. They are also available from KAISER+KRAFT as double-sided versions. This allows them to be used from both sides. Coat stands with castors can be easily used in different locations, and be put back in storage after use.

Alternatives for leisure room facilities

If you'd like your employees to be able to store their discarded layers of clothing and their valuables safely during working hours, then offer them clothes lockers and lockers. Available in different models and sizes, they are also suitable for public facilities such as swimming pools and libraries. Do you have questions concerning our office furniture and fixtures? We're more than happy to help you choose coat rack systems and the rest of your office furnishings as well.

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