Pallet truck wheels & rollers

Pallet truck rollers are a type of roller that you should always have a few spare to ensure that you remain mobile & productive at all times. Regardless of whether you need spare rollers for a pallet truck or swivel castors and fork rollers for newly made products, we're happy to equip you.

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    Pallet truck rollers: small, but more than impressive!

    At the sight of the typically tiny pallet truck rollers, hardly a layman would suspect that they conceal a load capacity of several hundred kilograms. But the inconspicuous helpers in warehouse and transport logistics are really hard workers.

    Which pallet truck rollers are available?

    Every fork pallet truck has wheels and rollers that work together to ensure optimum transportability:

    • The steering wheels with larger wheel diameters and correspondingly smooth running tyres ensure perfect manoeuvrability even with heavy loads. These lift truck wheels carry the smaller proportion of the load.

    • The fork rollers carry heavy loads and must therefore be stable and in particular be designed for the respective floor covering.

    The right wheels and rollers are available for every working environment and every purpose. You can find out how to select them in the purchasing guide to wheels and castors.

    What factors determine the choice of fork roller wheels?

    Both the roller pairing and the materials of the coverings and the size of the rollers must match. We make the selection easier for you and put together the optimum combination of properties for you on each product page as soon as you have decided on a starting point. These starting points include, among others:

    1. The covering material

    Polyurethane and nylon are the most common and tried-and-tested materials for fork rollers. Nylon impresses with its smooth running properties and usually good resistance to chemicals. However, they do not run as smoothly as polyurethane rollers, which are kinder to sensitive floors.

    Solid rubber is a cost-effective and manoeuvrable alternative for steering wheels. You will find further tips on the material in the purchasing guide to types of plastic.

    2. Roller diameter, width, installation length, axle diameter

    These factors are closely interrelated. The possible combinations are therefore visually highlighted on the product page as soon as you specify a value. This ensures that you always find the right spare part for the respective pallet truck.

    3. The load capacity

    The operational capability of your pallet truck depends on the load capacity of the fork roller. For this reason, you should always consult a calculator and the exact load capacity specification on the type plate for the respective pallet truck. Please adhere to the maximum specifications for the truck.

    Due to the centre of gravity of the load, the steering wheels have to, of course, be able to carry less than the fork rollers, but in this case too, the following principle applies: the equipment and the load determine the minimum requirements that must be met. And calculations with a greater tolerance prevent accidents and damage.

    Do I need a manual to change the pallet truck rollers?

    Changing rollers on the pallet truck is usually only due after years of intensive use. This is ensured by the high-quality materials and excellent workmanship. The change itself does not require any special instructions and is self-explanatory. All you have to do is make sure that the device is properly secured during replacement and then carry out an operational test, which needs to be carried out daily anyway.

    The wheels and rollers on a pallet truck are also a component of the annual inspection according to DGUV V 68, which may only be carried out by a qualified employee.

    If you need a specific roller that is not listed in the standard range, simply complete our product enquiry. It also allows you to ask your questions about our range of pallet truck rollers and our entire range.

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