Dog poop bag dispensers

We have something against landmines and dirty green spaces: dog poop bag dispensers encourage masters and mistresses to be cleaner. Maybe even the dogs.

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Dog poop bag dispenser: a clean business!

Anyone who has ever had to clean a pile of poop off their shoes in parks, squares or streets will appreciate this product: dog poop bag dispensers are the safest solution for a clean walk through the city and countryside.

Which dog waste poop dispensers are available?

We have dog poop bag dispensers in two functional basic designs: one is a dog toilet including a bag dispenser and rubbish bin. The other is a compact dispenser for mounting on walls and posts.

As all in one equipment, a dog toilet is a particularly clean affair: remove the bag, wrap up the dog excrement, throw it away, keep walking. The likelihood of poop stays on the ground, or the waste bag being tossed out anywhere, dwindles significantly with this system.

If enough waste bins are available, a dog poop bag dispenser for mounting on walls and posts is also sufficient. These models do not require any additional space to be set up and secured, and make ideal use of the existing environment.

What should I look out for when making a purchase?

When you buy a dog toilet from us, you are getting quality that you can rely on, and has proven itself many times over in outdoor facilities and parks. You have the choice between different colours – and this choice needs to be well considered.

Waste bins such as dog toilets are only used if they can be seen from a distance. A green RAL colour might look good in the cityscape, but in parks, this colour choice only camouflages it instead.

You will also need the right waste bags, which should be refilled regularly. Even if many dog owners take their own supply with them on the walk, a well filled dog poop bag dispenser also serves as a reminder and a call for more cleanliness in public spaces.

While we take care of the quality, you calculate the quantity: several dog poop bag dispensers for each kilometre walked is the solution. While there are no official numbers, you should put at least one dog poop bin at entrances and exits, at paths that cross, and very busy dog runs or anywhere else that dogs play.

If you need help selecting products or have questions about accessories or other products to keep green spaces clean, we are, as always, there for you. Please feel free to contact us.