Working platforms

An essential piece of equipment for any workshop. Working platforms give you extra height to access hard-to-reach areas safely, as well as the ability to perform work at low heights. Height adjustable working platforms are convenient and lightweight enough to transport between jobs, without taking up too much storage space in your cupboard. If you’re looking for industrial working platforms, you’re in the right place. Here, you’ll find a range of options in different sizes with various load capacities.

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Working platforms for completing jobs safely, high or low, in the workplace

When working at heights for extended periods of time, safety should be a focus. Working platforms are, therefore, a good choice, particularly when machines need to be operated, maintained or inspected. When compared to steps stools, working platforms are longer and wider. This provides a major advantage when working at great heights or when heavy and bulky items are involved. Our working platforms are available in a wide variety of floor coverings, ensuring firm footing in every working environment.

Types of floors for working platforms

Surroundings play an important role when choosing a floor for working platforms. When painting or working on machinery, fluids and spillages, like paint or oil, can increase the danger of slipping. As a result, it’s recommended that you choose a floor covering for your working platform carefully. There are many options, including:

Phenolic plywood is particularly robust and can be used for a wide range of purposes in warehouses and production.

Tyre rubber has anti-slip properties. You'll always have a secure footing on working platforms with this material, even when you make fast movements.

Grate, which is great for draining fluids, preventing them from accumulating on the surface, which reduces the danger of slipping when using working platforms.

Ribbed aluminium has a textured pattern on the surface, which provides an anti-slip function. An aluminium working platform is also easy to transport due to its low weight.

Which working platforms are available?

To meet various requirements, we stock a wide variety of working platforms, with various designs and functions.

Height adjustable working platforms

It can be hard to please everyone in the workplace. Luckily, EUROKRAFTpro height adjustable working platforms will, accommodating employees of all heights.

EUROKRAFT basic working platforms

Combine platform modules individually. Along with modules with a stairway, there are platform extensions and corner modules. This allows you to react to different working situations and different types of rooms quickly. The modular version is particularly well suited for painting work and as an installation working platform, as it offers a particularly high level of stability.

All working platforms are available in different fixed heights or height adjustment ranges, widths, and lengths.

Before deciding on which access equipment products you'd like, make a close comparison. A working platform is always safer than on a multi-purpose ladder. When working at a great height, tower scaffoldingtower scaffolding is a great option.