Trestles and roller stands

No support? No problem! We have support stands and roller stands in our product range. These helping hands have many potential uses and make negotiating the workshop must easier every time you have to work with unwieldy and heavy parts like pipes, boards, panels and other long goods.

In the category Trestles and roller stands we offer you products of the following brands: EUROKRAFTpro, Kongamek.

Trestles Mitre and roller stands: the right choice for the ideal working posture

Large, heavy and unusually dimensioned workpieces are a challenge for optimal machining. Unless, of course, you opt for trestles and roller stands. They allow you to set up a customised workstation where you can devote your full attention to virtually any item with precision and comfort.

For which types of work are trestles and roller stands useful?

An important prerequisite for manufacturing workpieces with machines correctly is a diligent approach and optimal alignment. However, this is often not easy to do with long items or unusually dimensioned workpieces. Forces that are widely distributed and the problem of maintaining an exactly calibrated position can be compensated by using roller stands and trestles.

They can be positioned individually to ensure that the weight is optimally distributed and that a wooden plank, for example, stays in a horizontal position. Brackets prevent pipes from moving.

When it comes to manual work on items like this in the workshop and industry, trestles and roller stands function as a versatile workbench that ensure you don't have to worry about which working height is ergonomic, or how to provide the workpiece with a reliable support. Nothing protrudes, and a wooden panel, for example, is easy to reach from all sides when painting it – and with a comfortable posture.

How do roller stands and trestles improve a workflow?

One of the most important factors when using trestles and roller stands is employee health. Height adjustable models in particular bring the workpiece to the employee – and not the other way around. The employee doesn't have to bend as often, and can adopt the ideal posture when completing tasks.

At the same time, items that usually roll away easily, such as pipes, can be held in a bracket and don't need to be secured by complicated means any more. Employees no longer need to exert themselves when objects need to be moved up next to machines or large components need to be positioned. The benefits of this are even greater when you combine them with the use of lifting devices and equipment to place items on the trestles.

Ultimately, trestles also a versatile idea of equipment to have in stock at your company for all sorts of different tasks. You can, for example, use them to improvise a large buffet table at the next company party. Discover our innovative solutions that will keep work proceeding smoothly! Should you need help, feel free to contact us.

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