Cool ideas, not just for hot days: cooling fans. They get the air moving and cool down the room. And even in winter, cooling fans are more useful than you might think: they return the heat accumulated under the ceiling back towards the floor.

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Cooling Fans – for a clear head even when things are heating up

It's summer in the city and the heat in the office has reached a new record? The air in your workshop is getting stale? No need to take the rest of the day off. We have fans for rooms of every size. They are the perfect way to ensure the climate at work remains comfortable.

What does a fan actually do?

There's one thing that it doesn't do, and that is cool the air. However, it still helps cool you down by keeping the air moving, thereby stimulating the evaporation of sweat. The effect is much the same as when you are cycling down a slope and the air rushing by blows around your ears.

Ceiling, floor or table: different types of cooling fans

A lot of people will remember seeing large ceiling fans when on holiday in the south of Europe. Devices like this don't just make you feel like you're on holiday – they can also represent an ideal solution when used as items of office equipment. After all, they keep the air circulating throughout the room, and don't occupy any valuable floor space.

Pedestal or column fans are also suitable for helping people working in larger spaces to cool down. A desk fan, in contrast, is ideal for a single workplace – regardless of whether it's actually placed on the table, or on the windowsill instead. If your desk is too crowded, then make sure you take a look at our desk space savers.

And what if you'd like to cool things down on the factory floor or in an open-plan office? In that case, we'd recommend a floor fan with an extra powerful airflow.

Key cooling fan features

To ensure that the result really does feel as good as you imagined it would, the performance of the cooling fan needs to be powerful enough. The decisive factor is the volume of air that it can move every hour. A low power consumption is good for the environment and your wallet, and low noise levels are good for your ears. Are you still uncertain which fan is best for you? Ask us. We'll be happy to help you make the right choice.

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