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As the name already suggests, lean to ladders are 'leant to’. But against what? Walls or scaffolding are particularly suitable for this because these holding points are stable and therefore safe. And you're ready to start working at height!

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Lean to ladders – what you should know about using them

Experience shows that working at heights always involves risks. When you’re on the job, this means that lean to ladders should meet certain requirements and users should factor in certain safety principles. We provide information on the EN standard, the use, and inspections of lean to ladders.

Which EN standard applies to lean to ladders?

EN 131 is probably the best known standard for mobile ladders applicable across Europe. It regulates how ladders must be named, constructed, tested and marked and which information should be included in the operating instructions. For example, the regulation also stipulates that lean to ladders made of aluminium or wood and that are more than 3 metres in height must have a beam since 1 January 2018.

Learn more about the amendment to the EN 131 standard.

What should be considered when using lean to ladders?

Whether leaned up against shelves or used for reaching areas at a height: lean to ladders are suitable for a wide range of different uses at work. In order to ensure the necessary level of occupational safety, however, it is important to observe a few rules for use. For example, the ladders must always be secured against slipping. Safe points of contact and dry, stable footholds are indispensable.

In principle, the level of difficulty and duration of the work tasks performed on the ladder should be kept as low as possible. For example, lean to ladders may only be used for construction work if the working height is less than 7 metres and the activity does not last longer than 120 minutes. If heavy tools or bulky building materials (anything over 10 kg) are required for work, scaffolding, industrial steps or even access safety platforms are a good and safe alternative to lean to ladders.

Buy lean to ladders at kaiserkraft

We at kaiserkraft exclusively stock lean to ladders that comply with the EN standard and are made by renowned manufacturers and brands such as Günzburger or KRAUSE. Using our filter functions, you can narrow down the selection and only have lean to ladders with certain properties shown to you. For example, if you are looking for a model with a specific standing height, you can use the filters to find what you need faster.

If you have any questions about which lean to ladder to purchase, please do not hesitate to contact us. Would you also like to learn more about how to use lean to ladders? Then our guides will help you:

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