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Sack trucks

Sack trucks are good at carting things away, as you can imagine. In reality, they are multi-talents that make many jobs much easier. Carrying heavy objects, for example. They transport washing machines or fridges, packages, drink crates, moving boxes, tyres, grocery boxes and so on and so forth... the possibilities are endless.

In the category Sack trucks we offer you products of the following brands: MATADOR, EUROKRAFTbasic, QUIPO, RuXXac, Kongamek.

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Transport trucks – sack trucks and ergonomic stair climbers
Transport trucks have been the most important aid in many industries for years, making them indispensable. Regardless of whether they are used in the hospitality industry, or in a beverage shop, to transport crates of beer, sack trucks are a great help, as they are in mail order companies, on construction sites or at travel service companies. Transport trucks can be designed for a wide range of uses. The simple sack truck has been evolving for years. This has resulted in stair climbers, stacking trucks and chair trucks, but also ergonomically designed transport trucks for healthy work. Turntable trucks are suitable for longer transport routes, featuring extra large loading platforms to allow extensive quantities of goods to be transported with just one run. Sack barrows such as parcel trucks can also be used for efficient and easy conveyance. Along with the static models, there are meanwhile also flexible versions. Folding sack trucks are particularly space saving and can be used in different locations. Folding models are easier to take with you. These sack trucks are particularly suitable for events and trade fairs. The choice of equipment in the webshop is really so large that you won't have any problems finding the transport equipment that suits your intended use perfectly.

Transport trucks from powerful brands
There is not only a large range of transport trucks here in the online shop, but also ones from renowned brands. Transport equipment and trolleys from QUIPO and EUROKRAFT stand for high quality and durability. Transport trucks for a load bearing capacity of more than 500 kg can be found, just like folding sack trucks. The selection of the respective footplate depths allows the transport goods for which the trucks are best suited to be determined. If stairs need to be overcome, or if the truck is moving over unsealed surfaces, then more attention needs to be paid to the choice of tyres as well. Stair climbing trucks with three wheels on each side might prove to be particularly functional. Optional cantilever arms also allow these systems to be expanded for convenient chair transport. Transport trucks come with air filled tyres, or solid rubber tyres, depending on how fragile the goods to be transported are and what the respective work environment is like. Whether a stacking truck, box truck or sack truck: stable steel and aluminium constructions ensure the transport equipment is very robust and durable. To make the best decision on which product to buy, the routes to be covered when working with these trucks should not be underestimated. For larger distances, comfortable handles with a strong profile and good wheel operability should be considered.