Scissor lift platform trucks

One device for all jobs: transporting, allocating, lifting. A scissor lift platform truck ensures your company is always well prepared and equipped. Even when it comes to heavy goods. The scissor lift platform truck is the agile powerhouse that your company needs!

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    Two requirements, one solution: scissor lift platform trucks

    Pallet trucks allow you to transport the goods. Lift tables allow you to lift them. Special equipment for every job? Unnecessary load shifting. Wasting time and resources.

    Scissor lift platforms trucks transport, lift and can be used as a work table.

    No matter whether you want to lift, allocate or move something – a scissor lift platform truck gives you one item of equipment for all jobs.

    Where are scissor lift platform trucks particularly useful?

    Warehouse and shipping: scissor lift platform trucks are a powerful aid, especially when unpacking and picking loads and goods in the goods receipt, as well as for order picking and packing. Using a foot operating pump, a drawbar movement or by simply pressing a button, even fully loaded pallets are easy to lift manually or electro-hydraulically to a height without putting strain on your back. The scissor lift platform trucks also make an ideal low-lift order picker. The definition of flexibility!

    Employees working in goods receipt can lift the products to their preferred working height with a smooth lifting function. This allows them to put the goods into stock without bending over and lifting heavy loads, while sitting or standing. This not only makes the work easier on the back, but also more effective. The definition of ergonomic work!

    Shipping also includes order picking. Scissor lift platform trucks allow the goods to be taken from the shelves at the appropriate height and be immediately transferred to a pallet or be put into suitable transport containers. And the same process is used to put them back into storage. The definition of shipping at the highest level!

    Industry in general: if your job involves loading production plants manually, scissor lift platform trucks will also be helpful, as they can be individually adjusted to the respective height of the machine. Scissor lift platform trucks can also be used to send on and process individual workpieces directly – without reloading. The definition of transport at lifting height!

    Strictly speaking, the high maximum load and mobility of scissor lift platform trucks make them a real asset not only in warehouses and shipping, but in all areas of the company, where they often make ergonomic work possible in the first place.

    How do scissor lift platform trucks function?

    Scissor lift platform trucks usually have a lifting range covering a lifting height of up to 1800 mm. This is made possible by the moving scissor frame under the lifting forks.

    Either a hand operated drawbar, foot lever or electrohydraulic mechanism is used to raise them.

    Scissor lift platform trucks are equipped with swivel castors and fixed castors and are moved using a drawbar or a powerful push handle.

    Height-lift pallet trucks can be used in a similar way to pallet trucks, however they also lift loads to a height. They are steered using a drawbar – only the required pump strokes need to be made to do so – or by means of electric lifting hydraulics operated by pressing a button. Both models allow loads of up to approx. 1500 kg to be quickly lifted to different heights. This maximum load allows entire pallets to be lifted and raised to a lifting height of approx. 400 mm.

    Moreover, additional supports widen the track and provide additional safety, because height-lift pallet trucks must remain firmly on the ground when loading and unloading at great heights.

    Depending on the location and frequency of use, you can now decide which scissor lift platform truck is most suitable for your needs. However, keep in mind that a vehicle should be chosen that is suitable for the job. Along with the weight of the goods to be lifted, there are also forces that act laterally during loading, or dynamic forces when moving, that need to be factored in. And the more often you use your height-lift pallet trucks and scissor lift tables, the higher the quality they should exhibit. And makes it more likely that paying a little bit extra will guarantee you have the right model. Our wide range of products makes the choice easier for you.

    Scissor lift platform truck or scissor lift table? What’s the difference?

    Scissor lift tables are stationary devices. They are installed on the premises. Electrohydraulic models feature flexible connection cables and plugs for 230 V or 400 V. Alternatively, they are hard-wired. Any electrician can do this.

    Scissor lift platform trucks are also equipped with swivel castors and fixed castors and are therefore mobile and can be used in different areas.

    In addition to the manually operated devices, there are also those with a battery operated electrohydraulic lift mechanism.

    For heights that a scissor lift table is unable to reach there are also scissor lift platform trucks with double scissor mechanisms. These are also kept in stock for you here in our webshop. For example, the model made by EUROKRAFTpro with an electrohydraulic lift, for about twenty strokes per hour under a full load of 1000 kg and with a ten year guarantee. In other words: a scissor lift table for demanding jobs.