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Make the most of what you have – more space, more peace and quiet, more productivity. Partition systems and prefab offices allow you to create separate areas within production spaces or factories. You will be able to keep an eye on work processes from one central spot while concentrating on your core activities at the same time. And when things get loud, just close the door.

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Partition wall systems and factory offices: make more out of the floor plan!

Large warehouses and production halls, as well as large office areas, might be perfect for the business operations of today – but sometimes it gets pretty noisy, dirty or far too hectic there. Our factory offices and partition wall systems create quiet office units in the midst of the hustle and bustle – without conversion measures or tedious planning rounds.

Why are factory offices or partition wall systems used?

Even though open floor plans in warehouses, production areas and administration can be perfectly adapted to today's work requirements, they can quickly result in noise that is counterproductive. So too are dust, dirt or even flying sparks far from conducive to working quietly at a desk. Last but not least, people who are constantly coming and going, as well as the use of transport vehicles, are further obstacles to concentration.

Prefab offices such as factory offices and partition wall systems are used to realise a room-in-room concept that is particularly flexible and effective, and eliminates all the problems caused by large floor plans.

You can erect the multi-purpose buildings as different models just about anywhere and, for example, ensure that the foreman's office in the production hall is right in the middle of the action, while still offering peace and quiet. In contrast to rooms with a fixed layout, you do not have to carry out any conversions and instead can set up the factory offices within a short time and without laying a foundation. This not only reduces costs but also makes it possible to move or dismantle the structures quickly, if necessary.

How do I plan factory offices or multi-purpose buildings?

The dedication to flexibility demonstrated by our multi-purpose buildings and factory offices gives you all the freedom you need when it comes to the configuration and intended purpose. In order to implement your requirements as exactly as possible, you should make allowances the following aspects beforehand:

  • Required floor space and number of floors in relation to the structures that exist at the company

  • Required sound insulation in accordance with EN ISO 717-1:2013-06 in relation to the average ambient values

  • Required connections for water, electricity (normal and/or high voltage)

  • Necessary levelling work on uneven floors etc.

  • Specific features such as a WC, EDP lighting

  • Privacy due to solid wall elements vs. an all-round view through glass

You can realise all of these factors on your own, or put the planning directly in our experienced hands. You can see what this looks like in practice in the Grosshaus project example. If you would like to start throwing around some initial ideas, you can also use our planning aid for partition wall systems and factory offices.

Where can partition wall systems be used?

In today's open-plan offices, partition walls are the most flexible solution for creating quieter work areas without having to commit to a long-term floor plan. Thanks to extra features such as furniture castors with brakes, restructuring and reorganisation can be completed at a remarkable speed.

A partition wall system with a door offers even more privacy and is used for conference rooms or meeting offices in open-plan administrative offices particularly frequently. By using stylish elements and deciding for either solid walls or glass walls, you can create new spaces that cater to your need for privacy or an overview, much like you can for factory offices.

Our Connect partitions, on the other hand, divide up workplaces in workshops used in production and warehouse areas. Not only do they offer a certain degree of protection against noise and dirt, but they can also be used as a shelf area for small parts or tools. Our planning guide for Connect partitions will teach you how to put together the different elements expediently.

We would be pleased to prepare individual offers for you, or answer your questions about our Eurokraft room systems and other brands personally. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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