Corrugated cardboard folding boxes

''Parcel approaching! Watch out!''. To be more precise, postal packs, folding cardboard boxes, cardboard boxes with push-on lids, moving boxes, shipping boxes and so on are on their way. We have all sorts of different cardboard boxes to keep your goods safe and make transport easier.

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More than 2.000 cardboard boxes immediately available

Cardboard boxes – well packed is half the battle

Did you know that the current world record for folding pizza boxes is 13 boxes in one minute? Don't worry, we're not suggesting you need to do things this fast – after all, there are things that are every bit as important as speed. For example, the assurance that the product you send out reaches the customer in one piece. As long as it's not boxes for pizzas that you're after, you're sure to find the right cardboard box at kaiserkraft, as well as the right accessories for packing them.

The right box is half the rent

This isn't just true when you send products to customers, but also when you want to store goods safely and securely, or you're moving premises. In all three cases, you can place your trust in our tried-and-tested folding cardboard boxes. They are available in many different sizes and with load capacities from three to 70 kilograms – non-tearing, not affected by moisture, and resistant to temperature fluctuations. They are also easy to put together, should you actually want to try to set a new record.

You can work even faster with cardboard boxes with push-on lids. Above all, these are particularly hardwearing and therefore also suitable for transporting heavy goods. If the contents are fragile, you'll find bubble wrap and foam film, packing paper and corrugated cardboard rolls as well as packaging machines. Or you could opt for a padded slide box right away. It will even keep expensive electronic components intact.

Accessories for gluing, securing etc.

Once the cardboard box has been packed, it needs to be sealed properly. Some of our cardboard boxes come with a self-adhesive seal for this purpose. For other boxes, you'll find that kaiserkraft has adhesive tapes and adhesive tape dispensers as well. You can pack several cardboard boxes onto a pallet and secure them using stretch film. Then add a dispatch bag complete with a delivery note, and you're ready to go. We also offer film pouches and foil cutters, scales, packing tables and a wide range of other packaging materials and accessories.

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