Cleaning machines

Button on, company clean? Wouldn’t it be nice if things were that simple. Nonetheless, the products we offer for use with cleaning machines make it easy to fight dirt. You’ll find cleaning machines for floors, machinery and outdoor areas – order them online now!

Professional cleaning machines for industry and trade

Scrubbing, sweeping, polishing? You can save yourself the trouble, and instead use industrial cleaning machines that clean floors, equipment and important workshop tools at the touch of a button. With maximum power and reliable operation, cleanliness in the company will be a sweeping success.

Which cleaning machines are available for the trades and industry?

Industrial cleaning machines are more than just more powerful versions of the familiar household appliances. They take care of the special requirements in trades – whether in your own production facilities or at your customers’. The most important categories of machines include:

What do I need to pay attention to when choosing cleaning machines?

More power, a larger radius of action, all functions needed for cleaning? They only bring rewards if you do actually use these features. A function for a specific purpose – for example wet and dry vacuums or ultrasonic cleaners – guarantees ease of use in everyday work and an efficient way to obtain great cleaning results.

If there are many different types of floors to be cleaned in the company, combination units with a wet and dry function are particularly effective. The more powerful versions become the more cost-conscious choice the longer they are in use. Floor scrubbers allow you to complete several work steps at once.

As in any other specific area, ask the professionals before you make a purchase: facility managers and cleaning experts know exactly which devices you can use to make every last surface at your company shine. When it comes to small parts cleaners or ultrasonic cleaners, you’re best asking the employees in the workshop.

What’s more, a big, powerful machine isn’t required for every single cleaning task. Manual cleaning utensils ensure your employees are always equipped for a small clean-up in between. Nor should you forget the importance of using the right industrial cleaning agents to make sure cleaning machines for industry and trades can unfold their full potential.

If you need help and advice when making your selection, we’ll be happy to be there for you personally. Simply get in touch with us.