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They accommodate printers, keyboards and other hardware, save space and are sometimes even mobile: our practical PC cupboards, computer cupboards, information terminals and workstations for workshops, factory and warehouse. Oh yes – our range of products also includes laptop cupboards. Choose your new PC cupboard now!

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PC cupboards and PC trolleys: let the IT workplace come to you

A quick matching of data, an important change to a delivery order: in production or the warehouse, computers are now essential. Yet the particular challenges of these working environments also make great demands on the workplace organisation. With PC cupboards and PC trolleys, IT comes to you.

Where and why are mobile PC cupboards used in companies?

Terminal desks, computer trolleys and computer cupboards are used wherever you require IT support but other duties are all-important. This is the case especially in production halls and warehouses, and at assembly workstations in the workshop and industry.

Offices with compact cupboards have all the devices for data input and output close at hand but require little space for this. At the same time, they can often be moved around quickly on furniture castors. Their key advantage is that they are produced from robust sheet steel and similarly durable materials that protect the technology against all hazards in these work environments.

When are mobile PC trolleys the better choice than desktop workplaces?

You will usually not find a desktop workplace in the production factory or warehouse apart from, perhaps, in the foreman's office. Because desks, etc. would be completely out of place at the individual workstations – you need the space for other work stages!

What is more, PC trolleys provide an optimum working height for processing data quickly when standing. This enables staff to switch between their main task and entering data, without having to walk long distances in the office or bending over.

Another factor is that, in contrast to computers in robust and lockable PC cupboards, computers on desks have little protection from potential damage in warehouse or production environments.

Why are PC cupboards used more often than mobile devices such as tablets?

Many work steps – particularly in warehousing – are performed today with tablets, smartphones or handheld devices. These mobile assistants are perfect, for example, for scanning item codes or matching orders.

However, these computer systems have limited capabilities and must always be connected to the main network. And, with a mini screen and virtual keyboard, they're only suitable for certain work steps. It's easier to handle longer reports or important diagrams at a terminal and PC trolley.

Incidentally, our mobile desk alternatives are also popular in offices and admin areas – i.e. wherever employees need quick access to a PC. Or if you wish to improve ergonomics with standing workstations. If you have questions about any of these products please feel free to talk to us.

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